September 8, 2010

Hurting for a Haircut

Sporting a longer 'do in Tigertown last weekend.

Are you anything like me when it comes to haircuts? I go beyond the six week standard stylists recommend for trims. It probably doesn't do my 'do any favors, but it's hard for me to make it in that often!

It's been 10 weeks tomorrow since I got my big chop and my once-lovely layers are starting to look just plain shaggy.

It's funny how I'll cruise along for months then BAM - suddenly my hair is in a state of emergency. The moment I look in the mirror and decide it's time for a trim, I'm in crisis mode. "When oh when can I get my hair cut? This is a disaster!"

The situation goes from fine to a four-alarm fire in no time flat! Once I decide it's time for a trim, my hair gets the memo and ceases to cooperate in anyway. No amount of blowdrying, coaxing or fluffing can get it to look presentable. That's when you know you're hurting for a haircut.

So I'm checking my schedule and Bradley's to see when I can sneak away (without missing a tailgate or leaving Mac to fend for himself) for a long overdue trim.

I saw my stylist at a fundraising event two weeks ago and cringed a little at how it must have looked to her. I'm sure she'll be relieved to see my name on her books!

Does your hair go from "doable" to "disaster" in a hurry?


Hannah said...

yes. Mine is at that point now... i have an appointment scheduled for the 18th...don't think that day can come soon enough. Maybe its growing so fast because of this baby in me?

Rowena said...

Mine does the exact same thing, only I've gone since before July 4th. Yesterday I gave up entirely and today my hair is like "what problem? we are perfect." I have no idea what's going on.

Anne said...

Rowe, my hair does the same thing! Once I schedule an appointment, it cooperates entirely in what must be a desperate attempt to avoid the shears. Crazy!

Kelli Staggs said...

ummm...the last time I got my haircut was the day before Jack's baptism...which was the 25th of April! When the only 'do I can regularly rock is a ponytail...It's time!


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