August 14, 2012

Half a Year

Six months ago early, early this morning we met our beautiful valentine, the girl now known as Mac's "Mary Brooksie."

We loved you even before we knew you, Mary Brooks. Every day you captivate us even more; "smitten" doesn't begin to cover it.

We can't imagine the world without you in it, and I'd never want to.

Happy half birthday to the baby who's turned us inside out.

To the sweet pea who monopolizes her brother's affections.

To the cheeks that belie her bottom-of-the-growth-chart status.

To the "mamama" and "dadada" babbler who holds our hearts.

To the lovely creature who has beguiled us in every way.

You are a brave bean, Mary Brooks. Thank you being so strong, for being both a fighter and a sweet little spirit.

Thank you for teaching me how to survive what I never knew I could - twice now. You're worth every ounce of "hard" we faced.

Same onesie, different Tigers
You make us so, so happy. Happier than it even makes sense to be. You bring our family a distinct brand of joy, and we couldn't get by without you.

Zero, two, four and six months
If I could freeze time for you, my cooing, grinning, snuggling little angel baby, I would do it in a heartbeat.

My smiling, six-month-old babies (Mac in 2010, MB now)

 Since I can't, let's just enjoy this day and all the days after it. Take your time growing up, Mary Brooks.

As Mac says, we "sure do love you, baby guh-wuhl."


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