May 17, 2009

It's a.....

Well, it's about time I shared the news I hyped up last week, don't you think?

Bradley and I went to the doctor on Thursday and were absolutely overcome by the images we got to see from our anatomy scan. Baby's heart (all four chambers!), brain, spine, stomach, kidneys, arms, legs and tiny feet. We got the see a sweet little face and an absolutely precious profile.

We also got to see that we're having a baby BOY!!!! I made her double-check, just to be safe, but the pictures let me know, without question, that I will soon be outnumbered.

I knew I'd be happy to see the ultrasound pictures and I even anticipated a sense of relief from the boy/girl question that everyone asks about. What I didn't anticipate, however, was last Thursday being one of the very happiest days of my life. I could have stayed in that ultrasound room right up 'til October.

Bradley and I were just talking and realized that we'd rather relive those 20 minutes in the ultrasound room than our entire wedding day, wonderful as it was. We're totally entranced by this little miracle - and calling our baby a "he" rather than an "it" has made it all the more exciting.

I have seen our baby's ultrasound video twice since we've come back - once on our laptop, pausing in awe at some of the movements I missed, and once on our big-screen TV. (Our baby won't be that big at any point in his life - talk about a crazy view!)

Thursday's appointment was first thing in the morning - and I don't think I had a coherent, non-baby-related thought until mid-day Friday. I thought knowing our baby's gender would answer one really big question, but instead I feel like it's the start of something much, much bigger. Now I have all the time in the world to wonder what he'll look like, who he'll favor, what he'll do for fun (assuming shopping doesn't top his priority list), if he'll think I'm the lamest, least rough-and-tumble person he's ever met... You get the idea.

You could have knocked me over with a feather, as my sweet friend Kristen says, when they told us it was a boy - but I could not be happier. Now if y'all could just start sharing exactly what little boys do and how I can ensure that I'm not the girl sitting inside in the air conditioned comfort while my three boys (Bradley, baby and Blue) run wild outside.... Any tips are welcome!

The Little Prince has always been a favorite book of mine....and now we're having one! I'm guessing he won't be born bilingual, but we can always get him the English translation... So excited to meet him already!!

May 13, 2009


Could you make it tomorrow morning already? I'm too excited to sit still tonight - tomorrow morning we get to see our sweet Grapenut again... And hopefully find out if we're having a boy or a girl!! I can't wait!

Unfortunately, that has seriously detracted from my ability to focus on ANYTHING else this week - and particularly tonight. So instead of stringing words together in sentences, the best I can do for you tonight is ask some questions. I suppose the first question should be: will you indulge me?? Here we go...

Could we stop talking about Jon and Kate and start thinking about the, you know, eight? Now her brother and sister-in-law, who have appeared on the show babysitting and seeming sweeter than pie, are talking to the media about their impending split and the fact that their family is in shambles. How is this helpful? Who thinks it's doing their family a favor by putting them back on the tabloid covers? Sad...

It's that time again, ladies - wedding season! While I can't squeeze into every cocktail dress I'd love to wear this season, I'm still excited at the possibility of pretty accessories to spice up the two or three maternity dresses I'll be rotating.

I love these! Could I please have 'em?
Maybe a size up for this particular long, pregnant summer?

I'd love to see this light yellow paired with a gorgeous blue cocktail dress. Anyone up for it?

You know I love pink! Too girly? What would you wear these with?

Maybe these?

And these?

Do these shoes remind anyone else of the mid- to late-nineties? Are y'all sporting these and I'm just holding on to an unfair chunkier heel grudge?
Does one really need a satin gala tote? What does J Crew think we'd keep in this??
Wouldn't a pretty clutch suffice?

Would this sink or swim in real life? Picture someone (non-pregnant, of course...) wearing it at a wedding. Do you love it?

Would this?? For a wedding in warm blush or bridal ivory?

(Can you tell I've been visiting J Crew a lot lately?? Can I start getting some free stuff, J Crew?)

One final question, only loosely related to wedding season. The least relevant and most puzzling newlyweds I'm aware of...

My question is simple: Really??

May 4, 2009

Things I'm Noticing...

1. Warm weather is fabulous...totally worth the winter wait and just as wonderful as I'd hoped it would be. Thank you, sunshine! (I still need a top-secret contraband space heater under my desk at work, but I'll take chilly inside for chilly outside any day!)

2. So You Think You Can Dance is the only reality show I'm PROUD to watch. Now if whatever you people like to call American Idol would hurry on up off the air, I could get my SYTYCD fix ASAP. (That last sentence had three prepositions and two acronyms. What's up, writer girls?)

3. Hording clothes has never been so useful... My J. Crew addiction is finally paying off! At 16 weeks and just a little, um, thick in the waist-al region, I'm having a bit of trouble finding, you know, clothes to wear. Too small for maternity, too large for my favorite summer frocks. What's a girl to do?

Well, I've been sporting the same J. Crew outfits so often lately that I expect my coworkers will go blind any day now from the repetition. Had I never bought two and three of each style, however, I would have significantly fewer choices.

Can I get a shout-out for a-line dresses, empire waists and stretchy fabrics? (And my propensity to stock up when a good sale arrives?)

Take a look at my favorite three ensembles:

The Bella skirt in fog (gray), rhubarb (dark pink) and atlantic (royal blue). I love a creative color name. (And a puffy-ish skirt! Especially since it runs large!) I did forget that the gray, my last and least expensive acquisition of the trio, is a size smaller than the other two to make up for the sizing I just mentioned. So on the way to work today, upon realizing the snugness, I did what any classy lady does - pulled down my tank, unzipped my skirt a smidge and adjusted my cardigan accordingly. Shhh. Don't tell!

I have this dress in wild rose (self-explanatory) and truly appreciate the generous a-line cut. I also have it in white in a size smaller (from when I wised up about the sizing) but, um, that's not a flattering fit any longer. Add a cardigan and I'm off!

I bought this dress in papaya (coral) and black for our honeymoon and have been sporting it with a sleek tank underneath... It's a little longer and more flowy than it looks here - pretty much pajamas masquerading as a dress. (The recurring theme of many of my favorite clothing items!) Again, top it off with a cardigan for inside or a cute necklace for evenings and I'm off!

Are y'all bored yet? Because I'm sure anyone who's seen me lately sure is! I'll take any cute maternity clothing tips y'all have, because I'm fresh out of ideas once my in-between wardrobe stops working!!

4. Speaking of in-between wardrobe choices, I have a rehearsal dinner, post-rehearsal party, wedding brunch and two weddings in May, a rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch and wedding in June and (whew!) just one wedding in July. I've ordered this pretty Juliet cocktail dress from J. Crew for this month in a lovely tea rose. (I had their killer 25% off card so I ordered two sizes before the discount expire; I'll take back whichever doesn't fit when I need it in a few weeks. I keep hearing that I'll be amazed what a few weeks can do to a changing bump!)

I have this Juliet dress in black and love it - so forgiving for delicious shrimp and grits weddings! :) Hopefully I'll just scoot up a size to accomodate the changes between my collarbones and my hip bones....we'll see!

Please share any flowy, empire-waisted, all-around pretty frocks you've found lately! I'd love some inspiration and I have no shortage of occasions for them...though I may have to break down and buy maternity for the June and July events.

Bradley's always hoped I could curb my J. Crew addiction; I guess it just took a baby to do it! Keep me posted on your pretty purchases, even if I can only appreciate from afar this year!


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