April 26, 2009


Happy as I (typically) am to see two young people in love, I'm a bit confused as to why anyone would want to marry Spencer Pratt. Unless he's a brilliant, Oscar-caliber character actor - in which case, wed away!

If, however, his personality as conveyed through the 10,000 media ops he wrangles daily proves to be accurate... Um, I recommend a good night's sleep and a long talk with your mom. Or a qualified therapist.

April 22, 2009

Love never fails...

....to make me misty-eyed, that is. B and I got engaged two and a half years ago, but if you could see me now, silently clapping and scrunching up my shoulders making my "how cute" face, you'd think it'd just happened tonight.

Someone please watch these on-air proposals and see if it's just my sentimental nature or if they're really worth a little squeal. I mean, what a sweet surprise, right? And who doesn't love watching other people have a moment of absolute happiness?

I might scream if I hear the word "economy" on television once more today... But a news story on the far-from-hot topic of engagements -well, go ahead.

(Blame this post on the perfect storm of hormones and Bradley working nights.... See the trouble I'm getting into? What an estrogen fest this house is without him!)

April 21, 2009

Things that are making me smile today

Precious Stellan made it through his surgery! Read more about his experience here.

No, this isn't our Grapenut - we don't get to see him or her for another three weeks. Taking a peek at someone else's baby-to-be at 14 weeks along, however, is just amazing to me. Look how wonderfully developed these tiny guys are, even so early on! Such a miracle.

My brother-in-law and his sweet fiancee are getting married in Charleston at the beautiful First Baptist Church just one month from Thursday! I was in the wedding of our friends Kristen and Charles in this very church last March. (Be sure to ask me another time how I nearly burned it down, the oldest Baptist church in the South!)

After their wedding we'll be relaxing here for a week!!

These orange shoes peeked up at me all the work-day long...

I could really go for a summery sorbet...should I make a run for some tonight? Have any faves?
Hope you've had a wonderful Tuesday!! xoxo, A.

April 20, 2009

A fabulous reason to wear orange

You may have heard by now about a sweet miracle baby named Stellan. (There's just one of him; this is a precious near-mirror image his mom took recently.) If you haven't heard his story, take a look at MckMama's blog to learn a bit more.

Stellan has been flown from the frigid tundra of the Midwest to a children's hospital in Boston and will be having heart surgery tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st. Please think about wearing orange (Stellan and MckMama's favorite color) tomorrow in support of him - and absolutely being in prayer for him and his family.

You can keep up with his mom on Twitter as well; she's doing a wonderful job of updating Stellan's hundreds of thousands of followers frequently.

Learn more about wearing orange, supporting Stellan and specific prayer needs here.

April 19, 2009

Breaking News....More Peeps!

You may have finished all the Peeps in your Easter basket last week, but there's still one more on the way - in our house at least!

The patient and persistent among you who still check Anne Says So occasionally may have wondered what on Earth has been happening lately...besides a whole lot o' not posting!

For a girl who's always chattering and whose life is a very open (and usually boring) book, it's been a difficult ten weeks keeping a very big secret.... Bradley and I are expecting!

I'm 14 weeks along and our baby-to-be should arrive in mid-October. (Though I'm planning on Halloween just in case... Y'all know how I am once something's in ink on a calendar!) We couldn't be happier!

I've felt wonderful so far, just a little tired and always up for a nap. The last few days I've had a bit more energy and I look forward to feeling like my old self as the second trimester progresses. I've always been a big napper, so I don't want our little Grapenut to take too much of the blame for my extra hours of shut-eye.

I thought it might be time to lift my self-imposed embargo and share the news with everyone! Talking about it makes it feel so much more exciting and, well, real. We've heard the sweet little heartbeat several times and are counting down to our big ultrasound next month.

What does this mean for you, lovely reader? Now we'll be back to (hopefully) more regular posting!! It's very hard to chat about something when your mind is totally elsewhere and you're fighting desperately not to spill the beans.

I anticipate lots more regular fill-ins about the heavy, meaningful issues I normally tackle here. Shopping, weather, pop culture and other breaking news. And I promise to be a more faithful blog reader and commenter again as well. Napping has cut into my blog-reading time in a big way!

Hard to believe that next Easter our family will have one extra little Peep around....

(Don't worry, this isn't my subtle way of saying we're having triplets - it really is just one little Peep. But lately I've been hungry and sleepy enough for this many little chicklets, so it seemed appropriate.)

Hope you all had wonderful Easters! Thanks to those of you who've been praying for and celebrating alongside us as the news has trickled out! xoxo

Food is delicious...

...no matter how many kids you have, Tori Spelling. Maybe hire someone to cook for you? And play with your children while you nibble? Just a thought!

April 16, 2009

Surely not...

Is Star magazine really trying to tell me that the man on the right is Rupert Everett? Am I losing it or is there no chance on this Earth that they're the same person?

Evidently Rupert has gotten some plastic surgery (or so Star says) to lift and tighten his rugged(ly handsome) visage...

Again, I'm not asking a rhetorical question. Does anyone think they're going to issue a correction and say that's some D-list British actor we've never heard of on the right?

If not, I'm going to blame the veneers and some extreme surgery for throwing me off of my British actor game...

P.S. I'm not the only one flabbergasted by the supposed transformation!


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