June 29, 2011

This is What Love Looks Like

Love looks like unwashed hair and a face that hasn't seen concealer in days.

It looks like checking the monitor ten times an hour and cringing at every mid-dream whimper, knowing just how awful a stomach bug feels. (And only imagining how bad it is without the vocabulary to tell someone.)

It looks like wincing as your child pats his tummy and says, "Hurts, Mama. Hurts."

It looks like piling three sleep-deprived people into the guest bed, the smallest in the house, because your child's stomach bug has rendered every other bed and sheet under your roof unusable.

It looks like sheer exhaustion.

(It smells like a less-than-delightful combo of Lysol, Febreze, carpet cleaner, Pedialyte, ginger ale and Saltines, but I digress...)

It looks like a grandmother who drops everything and drives up to be a relief pitcher.

It looks like a dusty, ignored to do list but a squeaky clean, sanitary house. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick in a dirty bathroom.

It sounds like a million late evening and weekend calls (never during business hours, huh, Mac?) to the pediatrician.

It hurts like the sound of a sick baby begging for food after being offered, time and again, only "sips" of "clear fluids."

It looks like watching the same two-minute segment of Sesame Street over and over and over again because it coaxes a semi-smile out of a sick toddler.

It looks like letting the whole world see you ugly, tired and unwashed just because you love the sentiment behind the photo so much.

It looks like letting all of your own needs and priorities (and stomach-bug-sidelined Jack Rogers sandals and worse-for-wear couch cushions) fall to the wayside.

It looks like searching the internet for tips on how to clean said sandals and sofa cushions.

It looks like a mom who is endlessly grateful for a slight improvement and an even 50/50 ratio of whining to talking. (Vast improvement!)

Mac is doing much, much better and I am thankful beyond words for the help of his dad and grandparents in scraping through a tough five days.

I've learned lately that, while he looks nothing like me, Mac has my fearsome need for food and unparalleled crankiness when he's forced to go hungry. He might have perfected the art of whining from me, too, but I think some of that comes with the "how to be an awesome toddler" manual.

Now I'm off to catch up on some long-neglected work projects...

June 23, 2011

Kate Spade must be a Clemson fan!

Why else would she inject her playful sense of style into so many Tiger-friendly pieces? And put them on sale, to boot!

I am practicing self-control (hear that, B?) and not clicking "Buy," but that doesn't mean you should do the same. Tailgate season is just around the corner - 72 days, if you're counting - and, in case you haven't heard, orange and tiger stripes are always in fashion.

Striped Kay top
Worn with orange accessories, obviously.
This pattern is also available in a dress, an adorable jacket and several bags!
Mott Street Riley bag

In the runner up category, Kate has several sweet coral (not quite Clemson but totally acceptable on a hot game day) pieces on sale. I particularly love the Terrazzo Audrey dress, Terrazzo Sandra skirt and Villa Pineapple top. Happy shopping!

Side note: I couldn't help but notice how much the model above looks like Bryce Dallas Howard. Then I remembered the actress is the star of Kate Spade's first celebrity campaign. I guess they're doing a bit of typecasting in their product photos? Gorgeous, no matter who she is! My mom is a redhead, so I've always been a teensy bit partial - and I love to see redheads rocking orange.

June 20, 2011

Menu Monday: B-A-N-A-N-A...you know the rest.

This week is bananas. And not in a cute, Gwen-Stefani-chanting-in-a-top-40-hit kind of way. In a "real life" kind of way.

Quick digression that comes from that "real life" thought: I read this morning that you should dress as though you're bound to see your worst enemy. While I hope none of us have enemies, middle school girls and Real Housewives aside, I can see that point. Isn't it always the 30 second run to the store that finds you catching up with people you haven't seen in ages?

That said, I've found the perfect way to describe how I look lately. In Style magazine wants me to dress for my worst enemy, but my comfort/crazy hair/"glistening" gal on the go look has me more hopeful that I'm running into my best friend. You know, the one who lets you look half-hobo, half-flu-patient and still loves you?

Okay, so I've said that. Excuse the stream of consciousness, but it's all I can do today to get my fingers to work, so here we go...

Where were we? Ah yes - menu Monday. I have one! Let's see:

Monday: Crockpot barbeque chicken sandwiches, pasta salad and fresh fruit. (This is a meal I've made for a new mom friend who is off of dairy for a while. I just doubled everything!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti and salads. (Read: Out-of-town meeting and Mac's first morning with a babysitter. I'd rather fill my afternoon with mom/son catch-up than slaving stove-side.)

Wednesday: Breakfast! Grits, eggs, biscuits and turkey bacon.

Thursday: Baked lemon pepper chicken, steamed green beans and oven-roasted potatoes.

Friday: Leftovers! So thankful B loves these, as I'll be in Columbia to see some dear friends in a play. You free? Come on by!

Saturday: Hoping for a shrimp boil with friends! Two of our sweetest friends absolutely saved our lives yesterday - and possibly Blue's. Story to come! In the meantime, I'm salivating over the scent of Old Bay already.

Hope you have a wonderful, less B-A-N-A-N-A-S kind of week. xoxo

June 7, 2011

I'm Sorry!

I'm here.

I've been sweaty and frustrated and, for one glorious night, staying in a swanky hotel room. (A week without air conditioning in a heat wave? Misery.)

I've been celebrating the arrival of our dear friends' baby girl after months of prayers and pink-or-blue guessing.

I've been recovering from strep throat, then sharing it with Bradley and getting sick again.

I've been visiting with Mac's grandparents and trying, but not quite succeeding, to catch up on work.

I've been furnishing our new home. (This is really coming along!)

I've been planning and dreaming of a beach vacation.

I've been letting my hair air dry and praying good bangs make up for a headful of mess.

I've been waiting to become an aunt TOMORROW when my sister-in-law Laura is due to deliver our niece or nephew-to-be.

I've been reading the Daily Mail each morning and recovering from Royal Wedding withdrawal.

I've been "fat flushing" and eating clean - but also eating poorly. And skipping the gym.

I've been totally addicted to Karmin.

I've been hanging out with my super-cute, far-too-busy husband.

I've been kissing Mac like mad and having real, honest-to-goodness conversations with my son. Heavenly.

I've been wondering how we accumulate so much laundry.

I've been enjoying every moment with "Bac Smees" so far this summer. (See below.)

I, like my little monkey, have been trying to stay cool and hydrated. I don't usually applaud myself for it, though. Maybe I should?

I've been thinking about blogging and most of all about YOU.

A little peek at my life and more updates tomorrow? Forgive me?



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