September 30, 2010

Jimmy + Justin = Hilarious

Have y'all seen Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's history of rap? Two of the cutest, funniest guys on Earth giving us a walk through some of our generation's all-time favorite rap songs? Not a a bad way to wrap up a Thursday afternoon.

Please enjoy the looks on the older audience members' faces at the end. Is it that hard to sing, "New Yooooooooork!" with the rest of the crowd, older guy with too-tight tucked-in polo shirt?

(Side note: I can't hear "Empire State of Mind" anymore without picturing the cast of Glee belting it out... I should totally have started a glee club.)

1 comment:

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

so funny! they are hilarious! Hubby and I always talk about how funny JT is, his SNL peformances, hilarious! and Jimmy Fallon cracks us up too! We were going to try to see him while we were in New York but it didn't work out! They are so fun and funny!


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