April 29, 2008

Just Asking

Whatever happened to Pop-Up Video? I really loved that show! I feel like my potential to win Jeopardy, or at least the Entertainment-related piece of the Trivial Pursuit pie, is severely impaired by its mysterious disappearance.

I distinctly remember being absolutely captivated by the Pop-Up awards show series. Now that was a creative spin on things.

Perhaps someone has put the genius of Pop-Up Video on DVD??

The British Bachelor

Ahh, ABC's British Bachelor. He's adorable. Candid. Charming. Self-deprecating. Quite possibly the most authentic guy ever to appear on a reality dating show. And last night he kicked off the adorable, friendly, hiccups-when-she's-nervous, even-prettier-than-the-girl-next door girl. I caught last night's episode over my Cheerios this morning and I was in shock.

Who could trump such a sweet gal, you ask? An underdog who, pulling out all the stops, slipped on a sheer black dress on national television - leaving her undies on the floor for the camera man (and all the world) to see.


I'm disappointed in you, Matt. I never thought I'd find myself rooting for Lorenzo Lamas' over-highlighted, baby-voiced, lipgloss addict daughter - and yet here I am. This is what you've done to me, British Bachelor.

And Amanda (or Meeps, thus nicknamed after the sound of her stress-induced hiccups) - don't take ABC's inevitable offer to become the next Bachelorette. Find a guy who won't make you spend a night in a fantasy suite before he tells you it's just not going to work. Good for you for telling him that you don't believe what he says anymore... If I could hiccup as adorably as you, hon, I'd be a happy girl!

You can catch up on the season you've missed by reading the hysterical Bachelor recaps every Tuesday morning at www.ihategreenbeans.com. You MUST read today's entry. Hysterical.

April 28, 2008

Little old lady from Greenville

That's right. An older lady at work made reference to the fact that I'm a 60-something in a 20-something body, and I think that might be true. (I wanted to hug her when I heard her refer to me as a 21-year-old, but that's a story for another day.)

Things you'll find in my purse, car, or desk at work:
1. Tide-to-Go
2. Shout wipes
3. Band-Aids
4. Excedrin
5. Pepto-Bismol
6. Clorox Wipes (work, obviously)
7. Febreze
8. More hand sanitizer than anyone could ever use
9. Snacks a-plenty
10. Umbrella
11. Lint brush
12. Hair ties
13. Eye drops/saline
14. No less than four kinds of lip gloss or balm
15. Lotion

Do you have any secret back-up stashes of old-lady supplies? Does the voice in your head also tell you to be prepared for anything? Is this just me?

April 23, 2008

Great show go by their acronyms: SATC & GG

1. What do you think about the new Sex and the City movie theme song done by Fergie. Go to Perez Hilton's blog and take a listen. (Or just click the link below.) Would we really say that "Labels or Love" embodies what the girls are about?

SATC Movie Theme by Fergie

2. Gossip Girl watchers, unite! Click the link below for an New York magazine article that hopes to become "support group for the fully grown, employed, non-pervert adult fans of the show. "

How "Gossip Girl" is Changing the Way We Watch Television

Little Miss Obsessive

Total addictions:
1. Burt's Bees lip balm
2. Kiehl's lip balm in the tub (notice a trend?)
3. Crystal Light to-go packets
4. Diet Cherry Coke
5. graham crackers with peanut butter
6. Lost, Grey's Anatomy
7. JCrew.com, Facebook.com, Sephora.com

Partial addictions:
1. Diet Coke at 10 am on workdays
2. The Bachelor, Gossip Girl
3. Dave Matthews Band (Those who knew me in the late 9os would agree! I think my daily Dave quote emails were the predecessor to this fabulous contraption. They were the blogs of the late 9os and early millennium years, complete with shout-outs, comments and special requests.)
4. GoFugYourself.com, PerezHilton.com, IHateGreenBeans.com, home of the best Bachelor recaps ever.

Proud to have recovered from:
1. Vera Bradley
2. PopTarts, the college girl's breakfast of champions
3. Target
4. The urge to monogram anything that will sit still long enough. (Another version of this was tiger paws or sorority letters on everything.)
5. Laguna Beach, Newlyweds and Ashlee Simpson's show (remember?)
6. Having no wardrobe outside of dresses and sorority party t-shirts with jeans. Now, don't you judge me! You did this too!
7. EBay (the buying, not selling - I still do that)

Up and coming addictions:
1. Singing in traffic. Worry not - the windows are up, folks. I am nothing if not a philanthropist.
2. Samantha Who on ABC - The writer's strike hit me hard and I had to look far and wide for new entertainment options. What's that you say? Books? Ahh, I love books. But Samantha Who only takes 22 minutes of my (and my DVR's) time. Nothing like a quick fix!
3. I'm sure all of you can point out a few others I may be overlooking!

Never did have:
1. Singing in the shower
2. Any kind of video-game anything. Wii, XBox, Playstation, Atari, what-have-you.
3. Slogan t-shirts (Blondes have more fun, everyone loves an Irish girl, etc.)
4. Uggs (Whew.)
5. YouTube

What about y'all?

P.S. Did anyone get the Ashlee reference in the title? Who's purchased the album? Thoughts?

April 22, 2008

A Perfect Day

I adore this photo - the dogs, the flowers, the dress, the bike. What a perfect afternoon! Here's hoping for some sunshine and time outside soon, preferably wearing orange. (If you know where this picture is from, give me a break already. I'm an addict, ok?)

P.S. I now have the theme song from Legally Blonde stuck in my head. "It's a perfect dayyyyy...."

Do the iPod Shuffle

The game goes like this: Turn your iPod on, hit shuffle, and list the first five songs that play. I'll list fifteen just to get things started. (And resist the urge to edit in order to keep up your super-cool appearance. Don't you think I'd have taken off all my pop-star "treadmill" songs if that was how the game worked?)
No iPod or Pandora online radio station to reveal your inner personality? How about the last five songs you shamelessly sang along to in the car. (No radio in your car? Wow. What about the last five songs you purchased on the jukebox at Waffle House.) Even the not-so-iPod-crazy can participate in this one.
Let's get the fun started. I pressed play and out popped:
  1. John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth
  2. Jump, Little Children - Cathedrals
  3. Switchfoot - Learning to Breathe
  4. Ashlee Simpson - Unreachable
  5. Toploader - Dancin' in the Moonlight
  6. Mandy Moore - Only Hope
  7. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Granny
  8. Jason Mraz - On Love, In Sadness
  9. Britney Spears - Me Against the Music
  10. Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
  11. Dave Matthews Band - Pig
  12. Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm In Love
  13. Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are
  14. Dave Matthews - Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
  15. Sugarland - Settlin'
P.S. Extra credit if anyone knows in which movie song #6 was featured. I'm guessing at least Kristen will, but I'm hoping to be surprised by your random knowledge of teen chick flicks!

Let's see what you've got on your iPod folks. Spill!

April 21, 2008

Happy (no particular) Holiday!

Bradley and I got married nine months ago today. We have enjoyed 274 days of fabulousness. Don't you think we should celebrate? Why isn't there an official gift for this particular anniversary? The ninth (year) anniversary present is designated as pottery, but quite honestly I'd take a giant cupcake on a plate. Or just an emptied dishwasher, some folded laundry, and encouragement on an outdoor run. (More likely the case, which certainly leaves me with no complaints!)

Considering that our marriage has outlasted the marital unions of Nicky Hilton (the elder) and Liz Taylor, Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd, and Britney Spears' first ex-husband, I think we deserve a little bubbly as well. Not that I need a real reason to celebrate! After all, it's a Monday...

I enjoy commemorating random occasions, not just wedding-related ones. Engagement, first meeting someone, new jobs, tax day, moving, new puppies, you name it. On our one-month anniversary, Bradley and I feasted on burgers and toasted with champagne in some beautiful Tiffany crystal flutes. We're a high-class pair, after all.

(Side note: Courtesy of their website on The Knot, I recently discovered that my friend Erin and her husband Michael are coming up on 1000 days of marriage. Now that is a fun anniversary. I suggested that she give him 1000 of his favorite - preferably small - candies. Bradley suggested 1000 of his favorite dollar bills. Ahh, the gender gap.)

What's the weirdest event you've ever celebrated? I've even heard of unengagement (ahem, Heidi Montag) parties and divorce bashes, but I'd prefer to celebrate a dog's birthday, six months of surviving in the big city, three months of finally remembering to pay your cell phone bill on time, or some other joyful occasion. Why pay more attention to the negative than is absolutely necessary? And bubbly is not always necessary - sometimes raspberry ginger ale in a wine glass or even a well-mixed chocolate milk will do.

Random thoughts for the morning. Happy Monday! Whatever you're up to today, find something to celebrate in it!

April 18, 2008

Friday Five

Five things you should probably know about me. Leave me a comment - I need to know five random things about you. Seriously, I mean YOU.

1. I would decorate my entire house in pink, orange, green, damask, stripes and toile if I could. Alas, Blue and Bradley have put the kibosh on my "decor by estrogen" theme. Surprisingly, the new PB Teen catalog was chock full of delightful treats that are right up my alley. Does that make me a closeted teenager? One can only have so much robin's egg blue, navy and taupe in a home! Anyone need a room painted cupcake pink? I'm dying to live vicariously through your Pepto-Bismol paradise!

2. I must have the shades closed after sunset. Not that I fancy myself fascinating enough to have a stalker, but I don't like thinking that someone can see in while I can't see out. I've even been known to unintentionally do this at other people's homes. (Sorry, Sarah!)

3. I remember loving a TV show called "Rags to Riches" and really wanting to be the blond girl. Don't remember another thing about the show, but it made enough of an impression that I've always wanted to be the cute blonde in a sitcom. Gossip Girl, the Facts of Life, Friends (if Rachel's highlights count) - the only exception would have to be Dawson's Creek. Really, who didn't love Joey?

4. I have no qualms about going to the gym and then consuming a bag of movie theatre popcorn in lieu of a real meal later that evening. Totally evens out, right??

5. Sometimes I squeal out loud while watching television. This kind of reaction is used sparingly, but it's just as ear-piercing and unnecessary as you'd imagine.

I think it started with Jordan Catalano-Angela Chase hand-holding excitement on My So-Called Life, followed up by Ross and Rachel finally kissing in Central Perk just a year or so later. Mix in a few Joey/Pacey/Andie scenes, and perhaps toss in a few moments from Party of Five.

This phenomenon has largely faded away until recently... An obscenely high-pitched estrogen-induced squeal was emitted this week when Jim on The Office revealed that he bought his girlfriend Pam a diamond ring a week after they (finally) started dating. I'm thinking that the decibel level when he actually proposes will most likely triple, so B may need to head for the hills on Thursday nights from now on. (Ginny, please chime in here.)

Love you all - have a beautiful weekend! Leave me your random five facts...

In case you missed it...

The email chain that launched the blog. After (literally) 40 emails in response to my rant about a Columbia native who has made it to MTV to potentially ruin the name of all the lovely women in the Palmetto State, I have decided to copy and paste the chain here in case you missed it.

Anne S. STARTED IT ALL with: Good morning! I was very dismayed to see that a Columbia girl has made it onto the Gawker blog for something, um, not so admirable. This is Kimberly, a remarkable young lady who has made an audition tape for MTV's Real World.

SOMEONE has to know who she is - I'm dying to figure her out! Is this for real? Does she really consider herself a southern belle as she goes off about how she hates, well, you'll see... Can't wait to hear what you think.

Emily H. wrote: That was horrifying. I had no idea any one human could say "like" that much.

Sarah W. wrote: Funny you should bring this up my friend…. My best friend from college actually lived with Kim the summer after our Freshman Year… we referred to her as “Crazy Kim” (seriously).

Brooke F. wrote: Of course somebody knows her! This is South Carolina, my friends. I just watched the video and she seems really smart. I bet her mother is proud.

Brantley S. wrote: I am as dismayed as you Anne, but not surprised because I went to high school with "KIMMY" and the video pretty much sums everything up. I have many stories.....

Ginny J. wrote: I would just like to say that I'm pleasantly amused, but not surprised, that Anne was able to uncover some background info on this girl with just a quick email. A key illustration of being from the state where "everybody knows your name and your business," as said by Miss South Carolina earlier this year in the Miss America pageant.

Anne wrote: I think MTV would be bored to tears if any real Southern belle (read: madras, thank you notes, sweet tea, devotion to the fam, lots of smiling, hugs, tailgates and pretty shoes) got onto the Real World. She seriously knocked her front teeth out, y'all! We've got nothing on her... not even in our wildest moments. And with that, this southern belle is off to finish her Thursday night Diet Coke, fold some laundry, pet the dog and hit the hay.

Brooke F. wrote: Anne, I’m sure everyone would agree with this: You really need a blog. Your e-mails absolutely make my day! You should share your humor with the world. I hope the DC was tasty, the laundry got folded and the dog is happily patted.

Erin D. wrote: I couldn't agree more that Anne needs a blog- all of these emails are priceless... I see her name pop up in my inbox and think- oh good, something cute, sweet and almost always hilarious. Here's to a happy Friday and Anne starting her 'blog of a true southern belle.'

Ginny J. wrote: I second (or third, or whatever) the motion for an Anne blog! I'malways wondering what Anne would say about this or that.

Rowe C. wrote: I wholeheartedly concur!

Bess McC. wrote:
1. I will definitely be watching the real world b/c "kimmy" seems like a person that I'd love to hate.
2. Brantley, let's hear some stories!
3. I second the blog. I'd check it daily!

...and here we are, folks. If you made it to the bottom of this post, give yourself a cookie - you're all caught up. So Sarah has gotten me this fabulous domain name, and off we go.

Hopefully this will cut WAY down on the number of random and massive emails I send out. But you may be learning a lot more about what goes on in my crazy, illogical but thoroughly amusing brain than you ever cared to. You've been warned!

Friday's V. Important Happenings

It's Friday and we have so much to discuss!! The world's largest merci beaucoup to Sarah for setting up this blog, the catchy title, and the very concept itself.

I'm sure you've noticed that Anne Says So = my non-monogram. More details on that to come, as if you haven't heard the whole dramatic story of my initials already.

On board for a post-lunch entry:
1. The Columbia gal making us so, um, proud on national television, teaching everyone in the 12- to 34-year-old demographic what shallow, silly people we South Carolinians are. As if we needed help in that department. (The email chain that launched a blog!)

2. Wine in a box

3. The "bell curve" for wedding invitations over the years

4. Trying to find movies both Bradley and I can not just stomach but love! Two more different movie collections have never resided under one roof, I can assure you.

5. How excited I am to "have" all of you here.... And how much I want to know what's happening your pretty little worlds!

April 16, 2008

4.16.08 Gratitudes

  1. new gold bangles
  2. looking forward to dinner at soby's saturday
  3. sweet blue watching me get ready this a.m.
  4. clean sheets
  5. scooting to the warm side of the bed when bradley gets up
  6. sunshine and april weather
  7. booking a b&b in charleston for may
  8. getting close to 9 months of marriage
  9. a fantastic weekend in asheville with sarah
  10. crystal light raspberry-flavored green tea
  11. trying out my new running skirt
  12. dreaming about the beach
  13. seeing an email addressed to anne smith and bradley smith
  14. a coworker's ultrasound photos
  15. tearing up at silly country songs about proposals, marriage and babies (wow.)


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