September 2, 2010

Two Days 'Til Tigertown

My Gamecock friends may be living it up in Columbia tonight, but I'm counting down to something even better: game day in Death Valley!

Less than forty-eight hours and I'll be here:

I'm thankful for a Saturday game (Thursday nights just aren't the same) and a 3:30 kickoff. It'll still be warm, but noon games in early September can include more "glowing" than I care to do in a packed stadium.

Can't wait to celebrate college football with 82,000 of my closest friends.

When does college football start for you? Are you dusting off your tailgate gear and putting up your team flags?


melissa said...

Game Day for my UCF Knights is Saturday at 6:00pm - thank goodness we won't be in the stadium in the middle of the day heat! Even better, my Gators play at 12, so I'll get to catch a bit of that game before I head out to tailgate for UCF! So excited for college football!!!! Hope you have a great time at the Clemson game!

Charlotte said...

woo hoo to both!!! were (pretty) neutral in our house! I went to Carolina but I will cheer for Clemson as long as they are not playing my gamecocks...and the hubs just LOVES football so much that he wants all SC teams to do well! But he will cheer for the tigers in the end so come Thanksgiving weekend we'll be a house divided!!!

Katie said...

Game Day for me is with the NC State Wolfpack! But I will be at the Clemson/ State game in November, I am hoping it's not nearly as hot as the last time we came to Death Valley!

Whitney said...

Saturday at 6:00PM is KICKOFF for the HOGS! Woo pig sooie!!!

MatersandMelons said...

We'll be there with the whole family in tow! I have everyone all packed and ready to go -- just waiting for the kids to get out of school! GO TIGERS!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time this weekend! Our first game is tonight. There are lots of Wildcat fans in our neighborhood, so even though we'll be watching the game on TV, we're going to "tailgate" together. It could also just be called happy hour...but with U of A attire. :)

Day Old News said...

Well, my team isn't coming to town and I actually don't have any alumni friends here. Sad face! My back up team is Cal since I grew up nearby, so I'm hoping to see them play some SoCal teams!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

My hubs is a huge Clemson fan. He's going to be so jealous that you got to go to the game!!


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