September 17, 2010

Eleven Months Old: Still Our Baby

On Sunday the 5th, our Mac turned 11 months old. I waited to blog about it until I captured the "perfect" shot of him sitting still, but that never happened. This is what you get, folks - welcome to our life!

(If you're interested in the side of Mac's head or his little rump in the air as he crawls away from the camera, I could post those images for days.)

This might also be a subliminal tactic to slow down the last month of Mac's babyhood. I love that it's fall and am glad to share a new season with our little guy, but a year ago things were quite different. In three weeks I won't be able to say, "This time last year I was pregnant!" I'll miss that.

In his eleventh month, Mac finally cut his first tooth. It's taking its sweet time, but he has one pearly little nub on the bottom row. The other bottom tooth may be next, so I'm praying the process hurries up; it hasn't been the most comfortable of months for our little guy. (Or my fingers, when he nabs one to gnaw!)

Otherwise, the last month has been so much fun! Mac is more curious and interactive than ever, getting smarter and cuter every day. He dances and laughs and crawls all over the place. He can find a way to get into anything, especially if you're trying to keep him away. He sings and claps and smiles. He points and gestures and babbles and grumbles and squeals and chats. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, folks.

He's discovered how fun it is to open and close doors - then reopen, reclose and reopen them, waving "bye bye" all the while. We could kill thirty minutes this way.
He still loves bath time (but has graduated from his baby whale tub - sniffle!) and is entranced by books - upside down, right side up, doesn't matter.

He picks up on so much! If I say "pattycake," "kick," "bounce," or "kiss," even to someone else, he's likely to do it. He'll point to the fan or the dog whenever he hears those words, grinning with pride as he does it. I wonder why he doesn't seem to pick up on "no" when he hears it. Hmm...

Mac is a little sponge soaking up everything he sees and hears, imitating noises, gestures, facial expressions and even our inflection as we talk to him. He speaks his own McLanguage that B and I don't understand yet, but his enthusiasm needs no translation. I love his running narration of each day.

This boy's appetite is still voracious - he eats a full pound of food in addition to milk at all three meals. That's four jars (16 oz.) of baby or table food, plus rice cereal mixed in. Three times a day. It disappears in 7 minutes or less; he's a machine!

He loves the outdoors - walking, rocking on the front porch, peeking through windows, pulling back curtains, giggling at birds. He takes after his daddy that way, and I'm thankful the fall weather will allow us more time outside.

Can we go out there?

As Macky grows, I cherish the compliments we hear about his sweet personality after playdates and as we pick him up from the church or gym nursery. It's mind-boggling that he has interactions and experiences without us, but wonderful to know he is loving even when we're away.

I love Mac's burgeoning sense of humor: he hands me his teddy bear blanky when he's not interested in my request for a kiss. ("Kiss him, Mom.") After I lay one on his unsuspecting lovie, he collapses into giggles and "kisses" the bear himself. I rarely seem to get a smooch out of the deal, but I'm glad he enjoys it.

I am moved by the sparkle in his eye at new activities, the way he smiles and waves at everyone, his determination to get whatever he's after - especially when he shouldn't have it.

I love everything about this boy - from his crazy bedhead down to his chubby monkey toes. Even the tough, gross, trying and tiring moments of motherhood have enriched my life beyond words. I am deeply, tremendously and daily thankful to be his mom.

We couldn't be more grateful for our healthy, handsome boy. He's a blessing to us every day - and I tell him so.

In October my Mac will turn one. We'll put away our "first year" guidebooks and enter a new chapter. Officially he'll be a toddler, but he'll always be my baby.

A year ago I dreamed of what our son would look like, and even now I can't believe my eyes. What an unspeakable, beautiful gift God has given us in him. And I'm crying as I type this, so I'll stop here...

Oh how we love you, Mac Mac - happy 11 months!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am almost crying with you! What a sweet post! What a sweet boy!

Why do they have to grow so fast?!?

Anne said...

I sure don't know! Wish I could slow it down just a tad...


Mary Loyal said...

That is the sweetest note. I have tears in my eyes!!

In This Wonderful Life said...

so precious!

love those overalls!

Fisher Family said...

Aww... makes me teary eyed thinking about this. But all the milestones are so exciting, too. Can't wait to see him soon.


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