May 31, 2010

A Long Charleston Weekend

B and I just got back from a long, lovely weekend in Charleston, our first away from Mac. Friday we drove down to Columbia to drop him off with my parents. (Wait 'til you see the pictures my parents took of him; there has never been a happier boy!) The next morning we rose with the sun to tell Macky goodbye and sneak off to Folly Beach.

After a full day on Folly, B and I spent Sunday in downtown Charleston. We started with a breakfast at the marina and ended with the gorgeous wedding of our friends Heather and Ben.

If you've ever seen the Citadel's Summerall Chapel or a reception at Lowndes Grove, you know what a treat the evening was. Add dozens of wonderful Clemson friends and it was a night well spent!

A mid-blink picture, but a stunning backdrop!

Every last detail was perfect!

Sorority sisters with the bride

B snapped a pic of my baby bangs trying to stay incognito - much appreciated!

Today we celebrated Memorial Day with more time in Charleston and a delicious lunch with old friends at Rue de Jean. Not traditional "burgers and hot dogs" American fare, but yummy all the same!

After a slooooow trip back up I-26 in the rain, we picked up Mac and headed for home. Now the baby's in bed, supper's on the table (late) and we're off to begin another week.

Hope you had a moment today to be grateful for the many sacrifices of our armed services and their families. Happy Memorial Day!!


Katherine said...

This is not related to your most recent post, but I don't have your email. Anyways, I'm on the hunt for a Clemson monogram car decal (see my blog for description). When I googled "clemson monogram" under google images snipits from your blog popped up at least 3 times! Guess you chat about Clemson and monograms quite a bit!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

so glad you had a great weekend. i love the pink dress. sometimes it's nice to leave the boys behind and enjoy a weekend! or a week!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I love Charleston! Glad you had a good weekend!

Sweet Caroline said...

Were you a ZTA with Brantley Smith?? She's a good family friend of mine!! Love Lowndes Grove, what a beautiful wedding.


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