May 18, 2010

Une Petite Histoire

If I were twenty years younger, brilliant and French, I'd like to believe I'd be something like this little dreamer. And have her vivid imagination, captivating manner of storytelling and wide, wonder-filled eyes. Utterly adorable.

I stumbled upon this video while reading an expat's blog. Press play and see if you aren't glued to your screen waiting for the ending of this bound-to-be-on-the-big-screen fairytale!

I can't decide if she's going to look more like Audrey Tautou or Audrey Hepburn when she grows up!

There's something infectious about a tiny thing speaking "baby" French in such a fast, furious and fantastical way. (Yes, fantastical is a word. I thought I invented it some years back but Merriam-Webster corrected me.)

Almost makes me want to raise Mac in Paris. But we'd miss Bradley and Blue too much... You know they're Yankee Doodles through and through.

Think I'll go dust off my French textbooks now! Elle est tres mignonne, n'est-ce pas?


Kathy said...

oh that just makes me want to go to paris, speak french (i would have to re-learn it, of course), eat cheese and drink some glorious wine... all while sitting outside at a cafe listening to this little shakespeare!!!

Kelli Staggs said...

Chad and I always joke that we're going to move to England and start an American football team. The sole reason being so that our children will grow up with really cool accents! (Not that Southern isn't cool or anything :o) )

Stephanie said...

You are too cute -- and so is this adorable little girl! I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen at the end of her story. I never took French but would love to hear more of her stories!


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