May 20, 2010

Make Mine a Monogram

In addition to my recent medallion obsession, I've renewed my lifelong love of all things silver and monogrammed. Unlike the polka-dotted plates of yore, they're timeless!

To be fair, we have polka dot plates to complement our fine china. Perhaps what I mean is that my bachelorette pink polka-dotted plates weren't timeless. Or just that B thought it was time to let them go. Ahem. Whatever.

If I had my way, we'd have everything but monogrammed pots. (Slight exaggeration. Only slight.) A few of my favorite silver monogrammed keepsakes?

Mint julep cups; they're for more than just Derby day. Isn't everything a little fancier when what you drink it out of is monogrammed? Or try arranging a few hydrangea blossoms in a julep cup for a sweet, simple pick-me-up. They make great hostess gifts or little thank you presents.

A silver tray looks beautiful displayed in a dining room, but it looks even more gorgeous carrying orange juice and freshly scrambled eggs to a girl in bed!. This bedding even looks a bit like ours. All right, Mac....get to scramblin'!

Breakfast Tray

A silver monogrammed charger dresses up even the most basic table. My favorite heirlooms are those with initials on them - it does help, of course, having the same last initial now as I did in childhood... Twice the usable monogrammed gear!


You won't need a charger under this beautiful monogrammed china! Yes, I said it. I love monogrammed china. To some it seems excessive, but I love its formality. As my dad said, "Well, we'd never forget at whose table we were eating!"

I'd probably only put our last initial on it, to up the heirloom factor, but I've had a love affair with this china for far too long. Time for me to own a place setting or two! Is it odd to think about your grandchildren inheriting your china? Would a simple S make it easier for future Mrs. Smiths to use this at their table? Helps me justify my "heirloom" purchases... They're not heirlooms yet, of course, but will be in time!


I'll drink a toast to just about anything, but I've also seen a champagne bucket used to collect mail on an entry table. A clever way to get everyday use out of a pretty wedding gift, don't you think? Certainly makes the bills look a bit nicer...

Champagne Bucket

Is anyone else as hooked on monograms as I am? I've managed to tame my urges these last few years, perhaps tricking Bradley into thinking my addiction was cured. With no visible change in my initials since marriage, I'm pretty stocked up on my everyday monograms. Time to think about some heirlooms? Here's hoping my grandchildren like to slap their initials on as many things as I do!


*jcg said...

luuuuurve the monogram china. i think a full place setting might be too much, but some accent plates? with the single initial? (sigh)if i didn't loathe the local boutique that carries it, i might register for some of my very own!

Stephanie said...

I love the monogram china too -- Neil and I saw some a few years ago and wish we had come across it when we registered. I still don't have all of my current china pattern, so doubt I'll be getting some monogram stuff anytime soon. But, I can still drool over it!

Kelli Staggs said...

Completely obessessed. My monogram shower was fabulous-tons of "S" stuff and a whole set of new Vera. I think we have the same china...Kate Spade? LOVE my polka dotted plates!


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