May 24, 2010

(Trying to Stay) Totally Lost

This is me today:

Last night, LOST ended its run on TV and (hopefully) tied up loose mythological ends for its faithful fans.

Bradley and I were not among those rabid fans tuning in Sunday night. We're dying to watch the finale, to be sure, but haven't yet. So I've been sporting LOST-blinders today, tuning out of Facebook and Twitter to keep my mind spoiler-free. I literally averted my eyes once today to keep myself from ruining the undoubted surprises to come.

I love the rush of a spoiler, the idea that I know something before I'm "supposed" to. I ruined The Sixth Sense for myself by learning the secret ahead of time - and have been hooked on spoilers ever since.

B prefers to fly blind and, as his faithful LOST-watching partner, I'm respecting his wishes so I don't blurt out any game-changing details. I signed on to do this for one day; we'd watch LOST's finale tonight, Monday night.

Just a moment ago B called to let me know he'll be coming home late. Really late. Not-going-to-watch-LOST-tonight late.

My gut tells me to wait and watch the finale with him, but this nail-biting suspense is about to make me lose my mind!!

Is the finale worth these virtual blinders? Can you get my husband home now so I can press play before my mind concocts a crazy LOST conclusion of its own? (Aaron marries Ji-Yeon and Walt officiates?!)



Lindsey and Josh said...

I thought it was really good! I hope you get to watch it soon...if I could, I would go get him from work for you!!! :) I hate having to wait when you are really looking forward to something!

Kelli Staggs said...

Totally good, and totally worth it. I wanted to smother my husband with a sofa pillow because he kept stopping it mid-way and asking "What do you think is going to happen?" Just shut up and press play!!

Kathryn Whitaker said...

I hear ya sister! Gabe's been in Virginia since Sunday afternoon, and I am REALLY hoping he makes it home in time tonight to watch the 3-hour saga conclusion. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! We couldn't stay up for the finale on Sunday, so we had to watch it last night instead. It was so hard not to read about all the reactions to it on Monday. Hope he made it home in time last night to watch it with you! :)


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