May 11, 2010

Ten Ways You Know You're An Adult

1. It takes you an hour to plan your grocery shopping expedition. Coupons? Check. Grocery List? Check. Baby Bjorn for sniffly, must-be-held baby? Check.

2. You never run out of paper towels or toilet paper. I'm not sure what would happen if you did; it's too terrifying even to contemplate.

3. You have paperwork files for your car insurance, life and disability insurance, health insurance, utilities (tax write-off for new business!), flex spending account receipts (what's up, weekly pediatrician's office copay?) and social correspondence. And sorting through it's exhausting.

4. You draw up your menus and schedule excursions a week ahead; there's a planner on the fridge so your husband can keep tabs on things. But he still asks that you text him a reminder so he doesn't leave you stranded with a sleeping baby, late to calligraphy class. Not that that's ever happened....

5. You are insanely proud to tell your insurance agent, when he calls for information to update your account, that you've paid off your car.

6. You plan to drive that thing 'til the wheels fall off. Leave the shiny new cars (and their payments) to the sweet young things!

7. This could present a problem if you plan to have more than one child, as your car is so full of baby gear and dog hair that it's currently a challenge to go any further away than church. (No, it's not time for a Swagger Wagon! Though that is a pretty sweet video...)

8. You buy a food processor and whip up a batch of baby food.

9. Your baby doesn't really like it. By "doesn't really like it," you mean he gags at every spoonful. Nothing's made it down the hatch yet. (Perhaps broccoli wasn't the best choice for our first homemade attempt?)

10. Your disposable income goes to Ballard Designs and Home Depot, not the local manicure salon and spray tanning business. Sure, you're pale and unpolished - but your house'll look great, right?

Having a "missing my early twenties" moment. Wouldn't go back for anything but, man, I could do without the paperwork of adulthood for a day or two!

**Update: Baby food attempt #2 was a success! Sweet potatoes trump broccoli any day....**


Kelli Staggs said...

That Swagger Wagon is looking better everyday...especially if I plan on having more kids (talk about being a grown-up...more than two kids? whew!)

The Gaymons said...

I was going to comment and suggest you give that sweet little Mac some sweet potatoes instead, but it looks like you figured it out. You are one smart Mommy!

And to all of the items listed (except starting a new business and the calligraphy class)...check, check, check!!

Katherine said...

Yup, you pretty much summed up my life as an adult and mommy as well! At least we're not alone!


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