August 10, 2010

My Desert Island Wardrobe

Every season I aim to pare down truly by cleaning out my closet.

I create three piles with distinct purposes: donate, sell on eBay and, for the just plain worn out pieces, toss. I try to determine what I need and what I have too much of, though both are relative concepts.

Approaching my this task post-baby has been quite different. The number on the scale is the same, but few pieces fit the same way. Clothes are too big where they shouldn't be - they gap, hang oddly or simply aren't flattering.

It's a conundrum. Theoretically I should be doing back handsprings that I'm not wearing maternity clothes anymore, but I'm frustrated that I don't have as much to wear! I feel tied to a few items that fit, not wanting to buy more in case I change again once we're done nursing. Besides, my work/home wardrobe needs have changed as well.

Tired of feeling frustrated, I've put a new spin on things: I'm not clothes-less; I have a clean slate. I have the opportunity to choose a few basic pieces and rotate all of the accessories, scarves and shoes that always fit, pregnant, post-baby or not.

Now I have a clear picture of what I wear most often. Truth be told, while I prefer a lot of options, I stick to the same few outfits over and over. Certain ensembles stay in heavy rotation.

This summer I've been on a white jeans kick. White jeans with a top and a pair of Jack Rogers is my go to outfit. Dreaming of cooler temperatures, I'm approaching fall, football season and boots weather with the same outlook: What is my "desert island" wardrobe?

If I could take (or buy) only a handful of things to start fresh, what would they be?

Jeans. Not the skinny variety.

My favorite Frye boots

Three-quarter length sleeved tees
(I may need a few new ones, as I stretched several out in my "I'm not that pregnant" denial stage.)

A jacket for fall and another for spring
Plus more cardigans in more colors than I care to admit. (Though not this gorgeous purple!) There's not much a cardigan won't fix in my book - and in my closet.

While I love the basics above that I already own, I do want a few more things to fill out my "desert island" suitcase. (Stop rolling your eyes, B!)

I need simple, classic dresses to wear with my much-loved boots. Maybe a wrap dress, a jersey dress and a sweater dress? Have you seen any you love? There's nothing better than a dress that makes you look put together even when you've just thrown it on.

Also on my list are pretty new flats. Everyone adores the Tory Burch Reva and I'd love a pair in gold, silver, deep purple and black.

Considering the fact that I'd like to stay married (and Dave Ramsey has my home address), I'm also looking for less expensive options so I can choose a few different colors. Suggestions?

If you were forced to grab just a handful of pieces to call your "wardrobe," what would you pick?


Charlotte said...

I too faced this dilemma last Fall after having a baby! And now I am facing it again as I have continued to lose weight! My old skinny clothes just don't fit me like they used to! my body is compltetely different! I too would pick the same things for my desert wardrobe! I am on the hunt for some boots as we speak!!!

Whitney said...

Oh it would be so hard!

I would probably pick the same thing. I either already have most of those items or am working on it. I just like simplicity with good accesories.

You have GREAT picks!!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I love those boots! So perfect for fall.

For cute flats, check out lands end. I bought many pairs there last fall for school and love them all. I can easily wear them the whole day.

Katie said...

Your style is so similar to mine it's eerie. But I am too in that "just clean my closet out and start over" frame of mind. I don't have a baby or maternity clothes to get rid of, but I have had some of these clothes for years and I spend at least 20 minutes every morning complaining to my closet full of clothes that "I have nothing to wear". (I also do the thing where I like one thing so much I buy it in 5 colors!)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love everything you chose! A great pair of jeans, boots, scarves, those jackets are so cute! and the dresses, all of it sounds perfect. I hope you find it all, you'll have to show us when you do! Accessories definitely help change up an outfit too! I'm trying to expand my accessories repertoire more :) I LOVE my first white jeans this summer, and I have certain outfits that I rotate between, I call them my uniforms, ha. Good luck, mama!


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