August 31, 2010

Story of Mac's Life

He's happy.

He sees something he wants but can't have.

He's sad.

He's off to find something else that will harm him.
(In this case: a lamp cord. The child has a death wish!)

This cycle repeats itself about 20 times an hour. Does it make me a terrible mom that I find his unhappy face absolutely adorable? Sorry, Mac, I'm not going to let you maim yourself on my watch... Pout away!

Side note: Can we talk about what he does with his toes when he sits up? What a little monkey!


Whitney said...

Your commentary was the best! He's absolutely adorable. I cannot get over how cute he is!

The Doyle Family said...

So funny you blogged about this...some of our most favorite pictures is of Caroline pouting - red faced and all!!!

The Gaymons said...

He is adorable...especially when he is so incredibly sad/mad!! I need to see that sweet boy soon!

Nicole said...

Haha, sounds like the story of Mac's life is synonymous with the story of Mills' life!!! :)

Kristen said...

I can't get over how much Lawrence I am seeing in him these days!!! Love that sweet baby! xo


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