August 3, 2010

My Little Mac-in-a-Box

Who knew it could be the highlight of a little boy's day to spend time in a diaper box? After several attempts at getting in on his own, I plopped Mac down in his new favorite spot. Then I watched the fun begin.

Mac found so many ways to enjoy his time here:

He "read" his favorite book.

Then he gave it a nibble. Well, a toothless nibble.

He folded the flaps up and down.

He sampled the delicious cardboard.

He flailed his arms with excitement.

He waved at the dog, who thought we were both nuts.

When it was all done, he paused for a few deep thoughts.

All in all, not a bad afternoon! Who needs actual toys?


Lil Mason said...

Anne he is so cute!! Isn't this a fun age?!

Whitney said...

Anne - he is so adorable!! :) I just love the pictures.

P.s. left a little something for you on my blog.

Fisher Family said...

Love it! I will start saving my boxes... :)

Also a few minutes where you we're chasing him around the house - right?

Lana said...

It seems just like yesterday Mackaylan was playing in a diaper box. Now she is getting ready to start school. CRAZY!!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

he's so cute!!

my cat loves to hang out in a box like this. he's a huge fan of Baby Girl's diaper boxes now.

::trying on my grown-up shoes:: said...

I just found your blog via BEB, and I love it! Isn't it funny how kids like to play with the cheapest of 'toys'? So cute!

Chris and Amy said...

Gotta love free entertainment. Looks like he was having fun!


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