August 30, 2010

That's Amore

You need to have heard this song to understand the depth of my husband's kindness and gratitude in this moment.

A snapshot from our Sunday afternoon. Mac (hallelujah!) is napping upstairs. I'm baking potatoes and B is grilling burgers.

He comes back inside humming, walks into the kitchen, surveying the state of our sink. Evidently it makes him want to burst into song.

B: (warbling sweetly) God gave me you to make things nice and shinyyyyyy. God gave me you for when things get grimy. God gave me you to wash the dishesssssss...

I've never felt so loved. I missed the part in the creation story about Eve being made solely as a dish-washing fiend, but I emptied the dishwasher anyhow. I was afraid of what a second verse might include!


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