July 12, 2010

Nine Months

On Sunday the 5th, our little Mac turned nine months old. The week was so filled with fever, Boogie Wipes and doctor visits that I had little time to let it sink in.

Nine months. We've now carried Mac in our arms longer than I carried him in my (very round) belly. As he grows, the months slip away so quickly; I look at him now and wonder if I'd even recognize the newborn we brought home.

These days we have the ultimate measuring stick for time: our baby. Each week brings a milestone - new expressions, words, movements, experiences. I no longer have to check a calendar to see time passing; I can see it in my Mac.

After a few hours away, I arrived home last Thursday to really see Mac for the first time in a while. I caught a glimpse of his face and it looked like a preview of Mac in preschool, of the young boy our baby will soon become. It's heartbreaking - but such a blessing to watch. He's a little baby no more. But he's still my baby!

B and I have seen more changes in the last month than ever before. Mac's personality has come out more and more each day - probably because he's developing a sense of independence that lets him explore the world, or our corner of it, a little more each day.

This past month's highlights:
  • Crawling!! After months of rolling and scooting, he officially crawled.
  • Waving. He's been practicing for a while, but now he's mastered it.
  • Waving and "hey!" together. Bradley's very first Father's Day gift was Mac waving, saying, "Hey, dada!" and touching his hands to B's face. I nearly died of happiness.
  • A multitude of ticklish spots. He's always been ticklish, but these days it's hard to touch our boy without making him giggle.
  • Loving on Blue. After months of admiring him from afar, Mac used this month to get to know his "doggie." Cue the overzealous ear grab and a whimpering lab. In the match-up of infant to 80-pound dog, our little guy was the winner.
  • "Walking." Mac loves to have you hold his hand while he takes a few "steps" of his own.
  • All-terrain crawling. Little man lets nothing get in his way. Dad perched on the couch between you and that much-loved remote control? No problem - shimmy, crawl, nosedive and scoot right over him.
  • Appetite. Our (long and lean) boy's appetite grew by leaps and bounds this past month. He consistently eats over a pound of baby food at each meal - not counting milk and rice cereal. The metabolism on this one doesn't come from me, I assure you. The appetite might! He'll eat whatever food you put in front of him - vegetable, fruit, meat, you name it - as long as the consistency is right. This leads us to the next development...
  • Exceptional gag reflex. I'll spare you the details of this one, but please believe it is a remarkable skill.
  • Get-into-everything-ness. If there's a long-forgotten cord of any size within ten feet of Mac, he'll find it. There's a gravitational pull of some kind between cords and his mouth. Actually, between anything he shouldn't have and his mouth. (I'm guessing I'll read this in a few months and laugh at how much more "into" things he's going to get!)
  • Cuteness. The talking, giggling, crawling, growing and curiosity all add up to one really, really ridiculously good looking baby. Even Zoolander would agree.
Mac, you are a joy to be around. You're learning and growing and changing every day. We love that each day is new and different. We love love love you, big boy.


Nicole said...

Happy Nine Months, Mac!!!
He is seriously CUTE!
You're so right about these little guys being such a marker of time passing by right in front of our eyes. It is so bittersweet to watch them grow and experience the excitement of each new milestone (no matter how great or small), but at the same time it gets more difficult to imagine them as tiny little newborns, which is the sad part! (wow, that was a rambling sentence, ha!) Either way, everyday is a new adventure, and that little guy is precious!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Happy 9 months Mac! He really is such a doll!


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