July 20, 2010

Déja Vu

Three years ago this week, B and I were on a delightful tropical getaway celebrating our newly matching last names and left-hand rings. I have few specific memories besides hammocks, the smell of sunscreen and umbrellas in my drink - with one notable exception.

After catching a glimpse of this mugshot on our television, I remember walking over and turning it off quite forcefully. Why bog down my honeymoon with unhappy news?

Lindsay in 2007
Lindsay Lohan had been arrested for DUI - again. It made me particularly sad remembering how much I'd loved her version of The Parent Trap.

What a precious young girl; she gave Hayley Mills' original a run for its money. (Though if you haven't seen the original, you must!) Lindsay looked a lot happier in her Disney days.

After intentionally turning off that 2007 news report about her arrest, I've tried to avoid as much coverage as possible as Lindsay has continued her tailspin....

Today, though, CNN seems obsessed with covering the Earth's most important story ever in the history of time: Lindsay Lohan's visit to prison. Part deux.

(Even Lindsay seems ashamed of the hype.)

I looked at the date this morning and realized that it's been exactly three years this week since I averted my eyes. The story doesn't seem to have changed, much like those soap operas our babysitters let us watch as children; I bet we could tune back in now and still follow the storylines.

It can be considered odd to care about a person you've never met, but for her sake, I hope Lindsay's downward spiral stops here. And for my sake, I hope the media's obsession with it does too.

Tomorrow, B and I will celebrate a very happy anniversary. Lindsay's anniversary, I fear, is not nearly as happy an occasion. Here's to the last of your arrests, erstwhile Hallie Parker/Annie James!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

Happy (early) Anniversary!! I used to love LL in her little kid movies. It's a shame that this is what she grew up to be...

The Parkers said...

Heard she's getting 14 days, boo hiss to our justice system!

Kathy said...

I STILL watch that movie!!! I L.O.V.E. it! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!! I forgot we shared that special day!!!


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