March 12, 2010

Five Months Old!

Did I mention that Mac is five months old? Every day is something different, but I can absolutely tell this last month how much he's developing and growing from a baby into a little boy.

Before I became a mom, the only milestones I really knew of were walking and talking. Now, however, I'm celebrating every little achievement. In recent weeks he has found his feet, started reaching out for people, grabbed our dog Blue for the first time, laughed at his own silly noises, started pulling on toys that hang above him and learned to blow raspberries with his lips. I'm surprised his lips haven't grown numb from the hours upon hours he's done it lately.

Two months ago this boy had rolled over once; now I can't turn my head or he's doing baby yoga and contorting himself into crazy positions. "Rolling from front to back" or "back to front" doesn't begin to cover what Mac does these days. He's practically perfecting his push-ups and break-dancing on the bed when you lay him down! He travels miles around the edge of his crib, even in his sleep. Always a boy on the go.

I'm loving every minute, especially learning more and more about his sweet personality.

We can't believe we've already had five months with our son. I'd say I "can't wait" to see what's next, but the truth is I can. I want him to take his sweet time growing up - we've got all the time in the world.


Katie said...

This photo is so adorable--he looks so much like you here!

TheBrookshires said...

He is too cute and definately looks like you!

Shelley Suttles said...

Mac is so handsome! Aren't they fun at that age. It only gets better!!


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