March 11, 2010

Things You Should Know: Part One

I called the gym yesterday to make childcare reservations for the little McNugget. There's another Mac who goes there; I've seen his name on the wall as part of a list of children with food allergies. (FYI, never serve the other Mac peanuts.)

When the gentleman taking my reservations asked for my child's name, I gave him the wrong one! So I had to call back with Mac's correct last name. You know, my last name. It went something like this:

Me: Um, hi. I just called and made reservations for Mac Brown?
Him: Yes, ma'am. I've still got you down.
Me: Well, my son's name is actually Mac Smith. I'm sorry. I (pause) got confused.
Him: (really long pause) Okay. Mac Smith?
Me: Yes. Definitely. That's definitely his name.
Him: Okay then. So I have Mac Smith down for childcare this afternoon.
Me: (Embarrassed, unable to squeak out an explanation for my awkwardness.) Thanks so much!


Macky's sleeping through the night, so I can't blame this on sheer exhaustion. Unless I'll just never catch up on sleep and this spaciness lasts forever?!

Anyhow, I thought someone should know. I'm sure gym guy is telling this story to his buddies over a beer as we speak...


Shelley Suttles said...

I just laughed so hard!!! I do that stuff all the time. I send Graham to daycare with no jacket when there's a blizzard outside sometimes. Who knows what we're thinking half the time!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Hee hee hee! Definitely got a giggle out of that one :-)

I've done the same thing. OK, not quite the same thing, since I don't have kids. But, I have given the wrong phone numbers, addresses, and emails for myself on several occasions, then had to call back and look like an idiot because I couldn't remember my own address or phone number. Oi.

Emily Emeneker said...

Sorry Anne, had to giggle on this one too!

Mac may be sleeping through the night, but that doesn't mean you don't have a million and one other things on your mind!

Chalk it up to getting used to the new schedule!

Traci Theodore said...

This TOTALLY just gave me the much needed laugh after an afternoon of crazy first graders practically mauling one another in a class "Wii party" which was an award we recieved for getting the best in the first grade in this little contest. FYI, when Mac gets old enough to play video games never have more children present than there are game controllers. Something that I was looking forward to watching ...15 first graders having FUN... in actuality was a NIGHTMARE!!

Kathryn Whitaker said...

OMG! My work neighbor just came by my office to make sure I was ok. Evidently my trying to contain laughter sound really sounds like I'm crying...

This CRACKED me UP! You are so funny my friend. Thanks for the laugh - I needed it.


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