March 16, 2010

An Exercise in Accountability

With more time at home has come a tremendous feeling of responsibility: what are my priorities and how can I be intentional about making time for them?

I've felt a great deal of freedom to choose what gets done each day, but also a surprising feeling that there's never enough time to accomplish everything I'd like. Work emails, catch-up calls, laundry, housework, daily quiet time, playtime with Mac - so many valid ways to use the time we're given each day.

In addition to my other daily priorities, I'm committing to taking advantage of the childcare services at our gym. There's no excuse for me to avoid exercise; I need to get back in great shape so I can run after Macky once he's a mobile man. (I'm going to avoid discussing or even thinking about a bikini...)

For the rest of the week my gym plan looks like this - and putting it in writing makes me feel absolutely compelled to follow through:

Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Group Power class (a Body Pump/weights class)
Friday: Zumba class

What keeps you motivated to get to the gym? When do you find time for it? (And does everyone else feel completely clumsy in Zumba class?)


Emily Emeneker said...

I absolutely feel your pain in being committed to the gym. The best thing I have done is work out with a personal trainer. It cost me more upfront, but now we have an "arrangement" i.e. I pay him and not the gym. It keeps me accountable twice a week and then I can schedule classes I like in between. My favorite days are Saturday and Sunday actually because I catch two classes back to back (Spin/Body Pump and Spin/Pilates).

PS. I CAN NOT do Zumba. You would think a girl who went to high school in the ghetto would have picked up some skills...not so much!

Katie said...

I need suggestions on balancing gym/work schedule--it was much easier when I wasn't married! I always think I'm doing really well in Zumba..until I look at the girls in the front. High school taught me well, but not THAT well!

Fisher Family said...

I'm still getting over my cabin fever and therefore am loving my trips to the gym for now. I'm sure that will change when work starts again!! Right before I got preganant, I was working out with a trainer, too, and I agree with the last comment - this REALLY got me motivated. I'd always work out harder and longer knowing that my trainer was there and in some ways holding me accountable. It was not 'fun' money to spend, but it was working great until I saw those plus signs! (for the next 2.5weeks, I'm always up for a walk in this beautiful weather!!)

Rowena said...

I'm trying Zumba in April when they bring it to my gym. Can't wait.

Kristen said...

Go Anne Go! :) So proud of you! (Does Zumba bring back fun ballet class memories? Miss those days!)

Stephanie said...

I'm so impressed with your plans for the gym! I too have been trying to get better about going and luckily my neighbor is keeping me in line with this! Good luck to you!


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