March 27, 2010

Things You Should Know: Part Three

Me to fellow gym mom: They do grow up so quickly. Mac used to sleep swaddled and still; I'd find him just where we put him. Now I'm watching him do baby yoga in his crib!

(Aside: I meant that I watch via his monitor. And I meant baby yoga in that he pulls up his head and shoulders to grab his toes, rolls over and arches his back like a swan, then follows it by stretching in in ways incomprehensible to fully grown adults.)

Gym mom: (Truly intrigued) Are you using a book to guide him? Are there classes at the Y for babies his age? Do you think it's helping his flexibility?

Me: Um, no. I meant baby yoga like baby break dancing... You know, what they do in their cribs when we're not there. Spinning on their heads, stretching their legs, pushing up?

Gym mom: (Realizes I'm not nearly cool enough to have a yogi for a son.) Oh. Well I plan on signing ours up for baby gym classes this summer.

Clearly Mac already has the embarrassing mom in the gym daycare class.

1 comment:

The Gaymons said...

That's hilarious! Well, I guess little Mac just looks like he is already hitting the "baby gym" from those good genes Momma gave him! By the way, good job getting to gym at have definitely done better than I have. =)


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