January 16, 2009

Watch it now.

Say you didn't buy the perfume, stand in awe of the fabulous choreography, envy Debbie's bedazzled outfit, know the words whoo-for-whoo and attempt to replicate her every jazzy hand motion.

No, seriously. Please say that. Because that musk in the fabulous spiral bottle left a lot to be desired in the scent department, no matter how cute Miss Gibson was in the late 80s.

Take a peek at Electric Youth.

(Do the first few seconds have anyone else reminiscing for the days of pegged jeans, big hair, vests on both genders and Michael Jackson's original nose? No? Okay, you're right. Maybe just the first few iterations of MJ's nose. What a sight the King of Pop is today...)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was a big fan back in the day; we used to talk about him while on our beach trips with our families! Times have certainly changed.


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