January 11, 2009

Notes to Self

*Pack a fleece when you go to the gym and it's 25 degrees outside. You might be warm walking in wearing a coat, but walking out in capri length running pants and a t-shirt is going to bite you. And entering the grocery store dressed like that will just make you feel a bit crazy.

*While we're on the subject, don't buy a month's worth of groceries dressed like that. Your husband won't be home to help you unload them, and your dog will look at you like you're an idiot as you come in and out of the cold no less than 1500 times toting enough food for a small country.

*Kiss that dog, though, for following you to and from the car all 1500 times. So chivalrous.

*Stop pretending to be embarrassed when you run out to check the mail mid-Saturday in your new pajama pants. After all, they ARE the most comfortable things you've ever put on. Why shouldn't you wear them for more than eight hours at a time?

*Quit online shopping already! It was fine for Christmas; that was for other people. Just because you aren't physically carrying out the bags, though, doesn't mean it "doesn't count." The mailman must think you have some kind of clicking addiction, judging by the number of packages he's delivered in the two years you've lived here.

*Clean your closet out already! How can you even know what you have if your accessories are tossed all willy-nilly about the closet and in your dresser? Your storage system is Martha Stewart's nightmare... Get it together! (At least then you can semi-sort of justify your "super sale free shipping totally necessary" online slip-up.)

*Find a way to explain to Blue that, if Bradley has to work at night, staring out the dining room window after he drives away won't bring him home any sooner. Besides, it's just plain pitiful to watch. (If you thought it'd work, though, you know you'd be right there with him.)

*Not making any New Year's resolutions may be the best decision you've ever (coincidentally) made on the first of January. So far you've managed more water, trips to the gym, veggies and stairs-over-elevator decisions than any other year. Take that, list-making addiction!!

*Stop dreading Mondays and start counting your blessings. Hit the hay early, tear your dog's nose away from the dining room window, and prepare to rise and shine. (Rising alone is no longer going to cut it!!)

*Write more and get back to reading your favorite blogs! Life is a little bleaker without the exciting online commentary of your favorite authors. (Don't make it a resolution, though. You're anti-that this year, remember?)

*Send out those well overdue Christmas thank you notes already.

*Stop talking to yourself as though you're schizophrenic...it's kind of creepy!

Hope y'all have less conversations in your head than I do this evening. Happy Sunday night and have a fabulous week! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Good advice about not dreading Monday. Sunday nights can be difficult for me at times!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your name is first on my 'subscriptions' list in my Reader. Your post here was my first read this Monday morning and I LOVED it!! Thank you so much for making my morning start just a little better :-) xx, Nina

Emily said...

Hey Anne!
I left you something on my blog! Hope things are well! Happy New Year!

MatersandMelons said...

Hey, I talk to myself (in my head) all the time -- you aren't the only one! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad that you love those pajama pants- and I wore mine all say sat.too! miss you!



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