May 6, 2008

The sweetest thing

Morning, ladies! I'm a little off today and it's feeling like it will be a long, yucky Tuesday - too little sleep, Bradley worked all night, Friday can't come soon enough. Just general Anne crankiness.

So let's think some happy thoughts, shall we? What's the best compliment you've ever been given? The sweetest thing anyone's ever said to you? Reading those should perk me up. (Selfish, I know.) Hopefully you'll enjoy them too.

I'll start:

1. A teacher told me in the 9th grade, when my arms were too long and my gawkiness was at its peak, that I was very elegant-looking. Couldn't have come at a better time.

2. Bradley asked me to marry him. That's a pretty big compliment, having someone want to spend their whole life with you. I couldn't tell you exactly what I said - he lost me the moment a ring box appeared. But I feel convinced that the question was in there somewhere.

(I'm leaving out compliments from my parents, because I truly believe they're bordering insanity in their biased-ness. But they've said some pretty sweet things!)



Rowe said...

Ok, first I'm sorry you are having a yucky day, Anne! Would it make you feel better to know that my hips no longer work the way I want them to now that I'm training for your half-marathon? Oh, and I don't remember most of what Devin said either. I said yes and he says that was the important part.

1. I was once told that my eyes are the color of the ocean when I'm angry. Nice, huh? Wish I remember who said it...

2. Devin told me way before we were engaged that he never thought he wanted to have children until he met me, but that if I can't have any he's happy to just to have me.

Kristen said...

You are STILL very elegant-looking! :)

I would have to agree with you that a marriage proposal is probably the best compliment one can receive. When we first started dating, however, Charles told me that I have "angel hair." Not just pretty hair, but "angel hair!" I was totally smitten. :)

Anne said...

This is making my day! Rowe, I love that.

And Charles said you have "angel hair"?!? Precious!

Erin said...

My proposal at the old well in chapel hill was no doubt the best compliment that anyone has ever paid me.

1. I am told sometimes that I look like my sister, and if you saw her, you would know what a compliment this was

2. One of my patients told me once that I made things a little bit easier on them when they lost their child- honestly made me want to do my job daily for the rest of my life.

3. When people tell me that I am a good friend (thanks Anne)!

Erin said...

PS Anne i missed your posts when sick last week- they help me get through the boring days!

Traci Theodore said...

A few times recently Matt has talked to people about marriage and I overheard him...the other person said that they thought marriage was a lot of work. Matt immediately refuted this comment by saying, "I don't think marriage is work. Work is something that's not fun; I like being married."

That is one...and I love it when total strangers give you compliments. It's honesty at its best, not forced, but true.

A recent one was when I was in a ice cream shop called "Dairy KING"...the guy in the shop asked me "Do you have kids?"...I told him know and asked why. He said, "I don't know, you have a motherly glow to you, but you seeed kinda young to have kids." "How old do you think I am?" I asked. "22"....that works for me, which leads me to another compliment...getting carded.


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