May 22, 2008

Quick Hits

You should know:
1. My laptop is on the fritz, so excuse the slow posting and even slower Word Twist games I owe a few of you on Facebook!
2. My dog is also sick, which equals less sleep for me and Blue.
3. Getting even less sleep than either one of us is Bradley, who's working overnight this week. We've been in the same room a grand total of twenty minutes so far this week. Who's ready for a long weekend?
4. I'm in total denial that it'll be June any minute now.
5. I've been married ten months now! (Still no champagne...)

Quick list of gratitudes:
1. Daily check-ins from my fabulous parents, who never get their feelings hurt when I hang up because Bradley's beeping through.... Adorable.
2. Talking to Bradley ten times a day makes me feel like we're in high school. (Still ready for him to be back to daytime duty.)
3. Work is crazy but I have amazing coworkers whose strolls with me at lunch can make almost any day better.
4. It's absolutely beautiful out and we have a holiday weekend to enjoy it!
5. Being alone at night lets me watch some chick flicks that I can't bear to expose Bradley to. You know, like the America's Next Top Model finale, the Real World, the six-hour A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. A man can only take so much.
6. A show that got me through the last few months of wedding planning, So You Think You Can Dance, is back! Tune in!
7. The gorgeous red Juicy watch Kristen gave us as a bridesmaid's gift in March matches madras perfectly. Makes my summer outfits a lot more fun!
8. I'm starting to plan a vacation for 2009.
9. Last weekend in Charleston was gorgeous. Friends, family, food, sunshine & sleep.

So what are y'all up to? In my laptop-free home, I've been a little out of touch. I can't wait to hear how everyone's doing...and get a fixed laptop back.

Also, I need some fabulous new songs to add to my iPod. Suggestions??

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