May 7, 2008


Best thing I've heard today:
"You eat; I'll talk."

From my friend Rowe at lunch, after I had unloaded to her and was more than ready for her wise-as-always response. So I stuffed myself with soft tacos, as instructed, and listened to her for a while.

Worst thing I've heard today:
"Today is even worse than yesterday. It just hasn't stopped coming at us."

From Bradley, who's already worked 45 hours this week as of lunchtime Wednesday. He's hoping he'll be able to come home for a few hours before heading back to the project site in North Carolina at midnight to work until tomorrow at dinner-time. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Is it Friday yet?

1 comment:

Rowe said...

Best thing I've heard today: "We're back to green for office supplies!"

From my finance manager. This is a huge relief as we'd spent more than the first quarter's budget in two months. Now I can buy pens!

Worst thing I've heard today: "He was arrested on charges of sexual assault."

From the Greenville newspaper in reference to a security guard who worked here as of last week. The good news is that my icky feels were right, the bad news is he was a security guard here and gave me the heebies!


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