May 7, 2008

Today I learned...'s ok to feel proud of how many vegetables are in my cart
....groceries are getting more expensive by the moment
....this fact hasn't dampened my appetite any
....unloading said expensive groceries is a real workout. Guess B usually helps more than I realize!
....I can stand up for things, particularly people, when I'm truly convicted espadrilles can make an outfit
....a voice mail from a friend can make my morning
....weddings are still exciting even after you've had your own
....pedicures don't last as long as they should, particularly in sandal season
....knowing someone is a phone call away is almost as good as the real thing
....fat free ice cream can be delicious (hello, Breyer's caramel swirl!)
....a cold Diet Cherry Coke can get me through a morning or a Bradley-less evening
....your comments on this blog make my day
....having all of you around in real life is even better!

What did y'all learn today? Happy Almost-Thursday! xoxo

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