October 9, 2011

You at Two

Dear Mac,
Last week you turned two; already I can sense a definite shift in you. It sounds crazy, I'm sure, but you're just more two. More independent, more verbal, more opinionated, more sure of yourself. You're a whole new boy.

A few things I'll always want to remember about your birthday and you at this sweet, new age:

Eating "bird-day finch toast" with you and your daddy yesterday.

Watching you use the honey (I didn't give you syrup; you're sweet enough) as a hair product and a breakfast topping.

Taking you for a "birthday haircut" - anything becomes celebratory with the word "birthday" in front of it!

"Melmo get bird-day haircut, Mama!"
Letting you have not one but two cupcakes before bed.

Helping you open the presents that arrived on our doorstep during your nap. Lights and music and Elmo, oh my!

Hearing you pick up new phrases and sentences in an instant.

Listening to you recount your day and marveling at what's in that brain of yours.

Glancing around at the cards and gifts surrounding you and thinking I can't wait for you to write your own thank you notes. But I can wait for you to grow up...

You do so many sweet and funny things, Mac. I could write for ages about the times you have us in stitches, or the times we have to bite our lips to keep from grinning when it's time to be serious with you. That's another post for another day, though.

For now, I want to remember how willful and smart and independent you were on the very day you turned two. You got the memo, you moved from baby to boy and you left us all scrambling to catch up. So slow down, ok?

And be proud that this year your mom didn't cry! I'm far too proud to be sad about time flying.

We love love love you, little man.


Kristen said...

Yay! Happy, happy, birthday Big Mac! We love, love, love you!

(I want to gobble up those cheeks! So handsome!!!)

Maggie said...

I adored this post... Just the epitome of sweetness.


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