October 27, 2011

Finally - a Bump Picture!

No, sillies - not mine. (Hard for me to imagine people would care to see my stomach on the interwebs...) Jessica's!

Does anyone else find it interesting that she quite publicly saved herself for marriage the first go 'round, but is (by all accounts) expecting a baby before round two?

In her defense, it's none of our business if she's pregnant or not. And I didn't pay the rumors much attention (any woman without washboard abs is pregnant in tabloid-land) until this week.

The bump, however, speaks for itself. As do the boots, come to think of it. Eep, Jess. Your name is on an international fashion label; were these Martian boots really the best you could do?

That said, I feel it's wildly inappropriate for an obstetrician to speculate on how far along she is based on the size of her stomach. Whether I agree with his "six months" approximation or not, the very guess from a doctor feels icky, no?

Ladies in the tri-state area, I wouldn't use Dr. Dave David for that reason alone. And also because - Dave David? Really? (I'm starting to feel like Amy Poehler here.)

Hats off to J. Simp, though, for avoiding the mom uniform I've been sporting: jeans with brightly colored flats and a scarf. And a shirt, obviously, but I felt like that went without saying.

I like to pretend like I'm trying, but I'm nowhere near her all-black, space-wedge boot look. And I'm ok with that.


Unknown said...

now really, would you trust a doctor named Dave David? what's with the same name twice? anyway, i'm thrilled with her pregnancy and her semi unconventional route to the altar, and the fact that she's being private about it so far :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i find the pregnant before marriage thing a tad odd to, just because of her whole views before. but whatever. i just want her to announce it already!

Anonymous said...

this was by far my favorite blog post of yours. :) i agree with the preggers before marriage thing, considering how she was with nick. i also loved your last line!


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