October 10, 2011

Coming Home to Clemson

Saturday the boys and I went to Tigertown to celebrate Clemson's Homecoming.

We were so looking forward to showing our little man around campus, enjoying the floats and catching up with friends. Mac was mostly excited about the "cook-ghees."

This picture was taken two seconds after we arrived; he refused to stop eating even to smile. A boy after my own heart!

Mac has been to one other Clemson game, last year's Homecoming. (The rest of the games his grandparents are more than happy to keep him company while we cheer on our Tigers.) He's grown a little since last year, though, and is past his "nap in the stroller" days.

What a baby! Homecoming 2010
This year, he rode to our tailgate in a "wed gagon" filled with food, books, toddler gear and a 35-pound chunk of a boy. He got more than a few second glances strolling downtown in this get-up!
Despite how it appears here, the boy didn't sit still. We had tickets, as well as high hopes of taking him into Death Valley for his first game, but it was not to be. He wouldn't stay in one spot for a millisecond, so I knew bringing him into a crowd of 80,000-plus would be a sticky situation.
Mac loved the floats, especially the giant "tactor" on Bowman Field. I loved the nostalgia of walking through campus and remembering long nights spent pomping the floats (or bringing cookies to the boys who were actually doing the work, to be honest) and not requiring caffeine to stay up after 11pm.

If you want to feel old, walk around campus pregnant with your toddler and husband. Smile at the pretty freshmen and remind yourself that you wouldn't trade places. (Because you wouldn't.)
We ended the day much like we started it: rolling across campus - this time without a nap and with fewer cookies on board.

While we didn't get to make it inside to cheer on the Tigers, we were happy to get another victory and a day spent in one of our favorite places!


Perfectly Imperfect said...

oh skinny freshman....

so bummed we missed this :-( glad ya'll had fun! I can't sing the praises of that first photo enough. Such a gorgeous family!

Tiff said...

Sweet boy in his monogram!

It looks like y'all had a great time! How do you feel about rolling me around downtown in that wagon? Pretty sweet way to get around campus!


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