September 12, 2011

Counting Down: One Week!

There are a lot of mini-countdowns when you're expecting.

The wait between finding out our happy news and hearing a heartbeat: 4 weeks

The time between hearing that sweet heartbeat and wrapping up my first trimester: 4 weeks

The silent weeks between wrapping up the first trimester and spilling the beans to the whole wide world. Or, more accurately, the whole wide internet: 2 weeks

The days left until our ultrasound: SEVEN

Mac's ultrasound day in May 2009 was beyond compare. B and I left giddy, agreeing that we'd rather relive the 30 minutes with that ultrasound screen than our entire wedding day. We watched the DVD over and over at home, in awe.

There is one week left between me and seeing baby #2. I think of it hourly, praying for a healthy baby, a strong heartbeat, lots of movement and beautiful, perfect little organs. I pray for peace and calm and patience; none of these has ever been my strong suit.

Everyone has an opinion about the gender of this little one, mostly thinking pink. I, on the other hand, am far less fixated on gender and more focused on getting a clean bill of healthy for our bean.

Of course I'm itching to know if "it" is a he or a she. How so many of our close friends have gone without knowing is beyond me. I'm anxious to use the right pronoun ("it" is getting old) and call the baby by name. That was my favorite moment in Mac's ultrasound, finding out he was a boy and saying out loud, "He's Mac!"

We all know a watched pot never boils, so I'm filling up this week with as much busy-ness as possible.

I've promised, as a mom, never to wish Mac's life away. I won't even beg to hurry through this week. I will, however, stay so busy that I hardly have time for the "is it Monday yet?" thoughts that pop up.

Next Monday morning, though, I'll be singing a different tune. "Are you in there, baby? Hope you're feeling immodest! We can work on your sense of propriety once you get here. For now, little bean, let it all hang out!"

In the meantime, care to distract me?


StratPack said...

Oh, the anticipation! Like you, I don't know how people wait. Hope this week flies by for you. And thank you so much for your sweet blog comments recently. Always love hearing from you!

Emily said...

I do not know how people wait either!! I had a friend do an early ultrasound because I couldnt wait! ha! But she couldnt tell what it was bec it was moving so much:) ha!! So excited for you!!


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