September 13, 2011


Duchess Catherine, formerly known as Kate Middleton, has been a style for some time now, even before that big, sparkly sapphire was on her left hand. Add in a title and an over-the-top royal wedding and you've got a formula for a full-on fashion plate.

Some disagree, calling the former Miss Middleton more style follower than trendsetter. In fact, Nordstrom's fashion director Gregg Andrews has suggested she wouldn't turn heads in New York City if she wasn't on Prince William's arm.Link
I may be the wrong person to ask, as I've never aspired the style of Kate Moss, someone Mr. Andrews finds to be the epitome of a style icon. In my opinion, though, the return of "princess style" is a wonderful thing.

She's only 29, sure, but Catherine's style can apply to just about anyone. Especially her habit of recycling memorable ensembles with just a few small changes. We can all implement that idea, whether our outfits are cocktail dresses or white jeans and cardigans.

Would I wear everything Kate has? Probably not. A few of her nautical and military ensembles (the two on the left above) look fabulous on her, but just aren't up my alley.

Lower hemlines, nipped-in waists, nude heels, classic coats, timeless jewelry and appropriate attire for every event - to me, that's the height of style. I don't rush to try new silhouettes or rebuild my entire wardrobe each season, so I take comfort in a stylish young royal whose taste seems so understated and tailored.

Call me a Copy-Kate, but had I the budget and the occasion to duplicate most anything Duchess Catherine has worn before and I'd be all over it.

Do you find Kate's style to be too staid and demure, or are you hopping on board the Repli-Kate train as well? Has she worn anything you adore - or would have to pass up?

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