April 26, 2010

It's the Little Things...

Bradley, Mac and I ventured out after church yesterday to remind Greenville that the Smiths are alive and well. Mac's unparalleled ability to drool through three outfits a day required a quick clothing change, then we were on our way.

As he got buckled in, Mac seemed utterly fascinated by the new sandals on his chubby feet. They really got in the way of putting his toes in his mouth, though; he couldn't decide what he thought about them.

After a few minutes of quiet, I looked down to see Mac peering back at me, blue eyes wide. He's already mastered the, "Who? Me? I'm not doing anything! Nothing to see here!" look that comes in handy around middle school. So why the big eyes and the itty-bitty smirk?

Sweet freedom! He'd wiggled a sandal off and was close to breaking the other foot free, too. (But first, just a little taste of the liberated foot's toes!)

What's so exciting about feet? How thrilled could a boy be to remove the half-inch of leather separating his foot from the outside world? From the looks of him, I'd say very...

Isn't it always the little things in life that get you grinning like this? Spring air on one bare foot and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from outsmarting a sandal... Life sure is sweet when you're a baby.


MatersandMelons said...

He just gets more and more adorable by the day!

Shelley Suttles said...

We live in the "one shoe on, one shoe off" world as well!

Shelley said...

We live in the "one shoe on, one shoe off" world too!


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