April 6, 2010

Lessons from a Baby: Just Jump!

Sixty seconds after he first laid eyes on this jumper, Mac was a-bouncin' away. He might be afraid of where his parents go when he can't see them (outer space? Siberia? somewhere warm from which they'll never return?), but he's no scaredy-cat when it comes to trying new things.

If he could talk, I think he'd tell me to stop thinking things over and just jump. Nine times out of ten you'll land on your feet anyway.

(If I make a terrible decision based on the life advice I feel my six-month-old is giving me through his fearlessness during playtime, please don't have me committed! I'm looking on the bright side here and trying to emulate the happy, this-day-is-my-best-yet attitude our sweet babies embody. )


Amy said...

Hi Anne! I know you left a sweet comment on my blog a while back, but I finally just figured out where I recognized your blog from-Katie Nance's. I just checked your blog out and had lots of fun reading, since our boys seem to be right about the same age! I came across your post on trying to decide about making baby food, and I have to say you should definitely go for it. It is incredibly easy, and I've fed both of my kids mommy-made food only (not intentionally, it was just so easy that I never needed to buy food!). As long as you have ice cube trays, a blender or food processor and a good book (I like Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel) you whip up enough food to stock your freezer FULL in no time. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, as I'm a huge advocate for making baby food. It is much cheaper and makes transitioning to real table food much easier (in my experience) because the taste is so similar. Take care and I'm now a follower!

Kathy said...

Thank the Good Lord in Heaven above for that AMAZING jumper!!! Hours of glorious entertainment!!! Will jumped in it until he was too heavy and his bottom was hitting the ground :). Enjoy it! We loved 6 months!


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