November 1, 2009

A new trend in wedding dresses?

Take a look at this piece in a NYT blog about Ivanka Trump's lovely and modest wedding dress. Her new husband, Jared Kushner, is orthodox and Ivanka recently converted, thus the need for something a bit more covered-up. Vera Wang made Ivanka's gown, inspired by Grace Kelly's, and I think it's so pretty!

The bigger question raised, however, is whether or not strapless wedding dresses are on their way out... I can't think of a bride wearing sleeves in the last ten years and am interested to see if my strapless dress wedding photos are soon going to look dated. Thoughts?

P.S. You have to read about the lace on this dress; I bet it was just gorgeous in person. You can see larger and more photos here.


Stephanie said...

I loved her dress -- so classic and beautiful! PS -- I had sleeves on my wedding dress, I think this was right before everyone began wearing stapless dresses. It already looks dated to me when I look at the photographs now!

Katie said...

While I love strapless dresses, they do not look good on 95% of the girls who wear them, present blogger company excluded, of course. :) I don't think strapless will go out of style any time soon but I will say that mine isn't..I'm definitely one of those 95%!

louisianaborn said...

I just happened upon your blog today. Like you, I think Ivana's dress is lovely! I also thought Chelsea looked lovely as did Jenna. I haven't liked the recent trend to strapless wedding gowns. They don't look "special" enough for a formal wedding, nor do I like the colored sashes that are popular now. However, I thought that strapless ball gowns, the trend in the '50's, were lovely. Being older, I have been through several trends in wedding gowns and I have been interested in wedding gown styles throughout history. Every style looks dated when the new styles emerge but everyone is aware of that and I don't think it is a big issue. In the early '60's, my gown was princess style with sweetheart neckline and puffy short lace sleeves, not exactly with the trend then, very simple with chapel train, but the peau de soie fabric made it look formal. On the other hand, I do like the trend toward individualized weddings, simple and less formal, less expensive, guys not necessarily in tux, the attendants wearing pretty but practical cotton, same for the bride, if she chooses.
Interesting discussion. Thanks!


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