November 18, 2009

Catching Up

1. Mac is six weeks old! Our sweet boy is getting bigger (over ten pounds now!) and cuter by the minute; he's learning to smile and making little noises that just melt us. I can hardly remember what we did without him!

(This is what happens when Mac doesn't want to wake up for his dinner... Precious sleeper courtesy of Steph, Neil and Emery!)
2. B and I will be cheering on our Tigers at the last home game of the season this Saturday. Hooray! Mac will be hanging out with his grandparents - but not before we snap a picture of him in front of Mac's Drive In on our way to the game.

3. I'm finally busting out the tiger stripe J. Crew cardigan I searched most every store in the country for last year - and then never wore. Oops. It's not too late to right a wrong, though, and hopefully the forecast will cooperate with my little sweater!

There's a lot riding on this game, but we'll discuss that later - no need to jinx it now!

4. I made it through six full days without Bradley when he headed up to Montreal last week for work. My mom and mother-in-law each spent some time with me and Mac, but I had two solo nights and survived! (As did Mac, of course...) We were both so happy to have Bradley home again!

5. Thanksgiving's just around the corner. I'm eyeing decorations and counting down the minutes until Mac gets to meet some family and friends who've been loving him from afar these last six weeks. Can't wait!!

Less Fabulous:
1. When Bradley returned from Montreal, I packed up Mac and took him to the airport as a little surprise, thinking we'd be waiting in baggage claim when B came out. Alas, his plane landed early and we missed each other by moments. Sigh.

2. I won't be able to order my very favorite chocolate milkshake when we stop by Mac's Drive In - and my Thanksgiving plate will look a little different this year. It looks like Mac is lactose intolerant, so I'm off of all dairy (wow, it's in everything!) and trying to enjoy the non-dairy options around. Still not sure how my mashed potatoes will turn out with soy milk, but we'll see...

3. If I bite my lip in the exact same spot on more time, I'm pretty sure it'll fall off. And won't that make for some great game day pictures??

4. To my knowledge, there is still NO self-folding laundry machine available. I'm keeping up with the burp cloths, onesies, towels and sheets - it's the folding that's not quite getting done. So don't mind a laundry basket or two of unfolded (but Downy fresh!) clean laundry next time you stop by, friends...

Hope y'all are doing well - I promise to be back with more pictures and chatting soon!


1 comment:

Stephanie said...

1. Love Mac's outfit
2. Love the tiger print cardigan -- wish I had one too!
3. So impressed that you survived 6 days as a single parent. Neil is traveling for the first time this week and it is not easy to take care of Emery all on my own (and take care of myself and go to work, etc.!)
4. So, so happy for you, Bradley and Mac!


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