October 15, 2008

Watch out, (blog) world!

I'm in Dallas for a trade show, but have come across some breaking news I just couldn't wait to share.

My adorable, fabulous Kristen has her own blog! Now the online conversations will never end - and you too will be able to sneak a peek at the terrific K Dub we know and love. We're so lucky to have our favorite newlywed online now.

A few things you should know:
1. She's in Florida but a piece of her heart is still in the Palmetto State, so you'll never feel out of place in her online living room, I assure you.
2. She's blonde, beautiful and amazingly smart. You may be inspired to write a Legally Blonde Does PR pilot. Resist that urge.
3. She and her adorable husband Charles were married in March and had a special visitor (the kind wearing garnet) at their rehearsal dinner. You can see the pics on her blog.
4. It's a special kind of love to bypass our ACC/SEC rivalry - and even buy one another team-themed gifts. The purple clutch and orange pashmina she's sent my way blow me away. For a garnet lover, that's a true act of sacrifice.
5. Reading her first post will inspire you (or maybe just me?) to dust of your running shoes and get going. What a treat to follow her journey to 13.1 miles in January. Who else is up for the challenge?
6. Don't believe everything she says about me...she's hard pressed to see the negative in anyone!

Any more of you willing to hop on the blog bandwagon? Not to mix metaphors, but the water's just fine! It's got to be easier than Kristen's halfathon. Let's go, folks!

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