October 20, 2008

Bye Bye, Samantha

Oh Samantha Parkington, I will heartily miss you. Your gorgeous red taffeta Christmas dress, your pretty velvet clutch and embroidered hanky within, your lovely brass bed and the stories of your whimsical Victorian adventures... Have my childhood days been gone so long?

That's right, American Girls, the original overpriced historical gal pal is being RETIRED. Those of you who bought Molly (WWII's Miss Liberty), Kirsten (our prairie princess) or Addie (the Revolutionary rider) may have a few good years left with your girls.

I, on the other hand, have nothing but fond memories, a dusty doll and the memories of my fading youth. Sigh.

Am I speaking a foreign language to you? If so, go say hello (and also farewell) to Samantha and her BFF Nellie here.

(P.S. Did we all know that they now sell dolls from the 1970s? In a HISTORICAL capacity?)


Kristen said...

The American Girls were my absolute favorite! I will never forget when my mom took my sister and me to the American Girls Tea Party at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta when I was little. I had Kirsten for obvious reasons -- she looked the most like me and her name was so close to mine! My sister, on the other hand, was a Samantha devotee! I will miss her!

Alex said...

Oh my! A huge discussion broke out in my office yesterday about American Girl dolls and only those of who grew up in the south had one. My dear, dear Kirsten. She is now dusty, like yours, in the attic and has red nail polish for lipstick. I think my mom wanted to strangle me when I did that to her. We'll miss you Samantha!

pecanpiepuppies said...

I'm heartbroken! I also had Samantha - again, because she looked like me. And I loved the fact that she was from the Victorian era - prim but feisty, tea parties and pinafores, and a book all about a woman's right to vote. She is currently dust free because she is encased in a large Rubbermaid container with all her dresses, shoes, bows, etc. so that my little girl will have a chance to meet her someday.


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