October 9, 2008

New title?

We may have to put this to a vote, y'all. I was just told that I should change the name of my blog to "Anne Says So 'Cause Bradley Told Her To." I'll let you guess who shared that gem of an idea with me just now.

I'll give you a hint. You may have seen the necklace I nabbed on etsy that has my husband's initials stamped into it. Someone wondered if I should perhaps have "Property Of" stamped above those initials, just to clarify the purpose of wearing it. Way to turn something artsy and sweet into a dogtag, B. Oops. Did I just give it away?

(Can you tell I'm trying to distract myself from a dismal, ulcer-inducing letdown of a football game?)

Suggestions for new titles are welcome. Bradley, you've already filled your quota of genius ideas for the evening - perhaps your next quotable moment should wait until tomorrow.

Love to all of you - wishing you a fabulous Thursday evening and a lovely weekend.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I would be personally offended if you changed the name of your blog. How could anyone compete with such a great name as "Anne Says So." I mean -- that thing should win awards.

Geez, who thought of that?


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