July 7, 2008

Sunday, lovely Sunday...

Okay, that's not how the song goes - but for the sake of the latest celebrity baby, I am changing the lyrics for a moment. Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have just welcomed a baby girl who will be taunted enough on the playground without my virtual help.

Welcome to the world, little Sunday Rose Kidman Urban! My cube neighbor Jennifer believes you will undoubtedly be joined by a sister in the coming years to share your crazy name pattern. Tuesday Lily Kidman Urban has a lovely ring to it.

On that note, with Brangelina's babies on deck next, let's make some predictions.

Jennifer predicts Jacques Cousteau and Guadalajara Domingo. (Domingo is Sunday in Spanish.) She has reserved Panda GrapeNut for her own future offspring.

With siblings named Maddox Chivan, Pax Thien, Shiloh Nouvel and Zahara Marley, I predict the newest additions to the Jolie-Pitt brood will be Scheherazade Solstice and Marcheline Aurora. Marcheline was Angelina's mother, who passed away in recent years, though apparently she had changed her own name from Marcia Lynne to Marcheline. Way more cosmopolitan.

They should mix in another last name for these two as well - perhaps to reflect Angelina's birth name. (As the daughter of Jon Voight, she was born Angelina Jolie Voight.) So I'm putting my invisible money on Scheherazade Solstice Voight-Jolie-Pitt and Marcheline Aurora Voight-Jolie-Pitt.

If they're bright children and well-tutored, they should be able to spell their full names by sophomore year of college, for sure. Thank goodness they'll be gorgeous!

What are your predictions for the Brangelina babies?
(Ashlee Simpson Wentz is bound to make a timeless name choice as well. If only Paris Hilton would have a baby...wouldn't that be some tabloid name fodder?)


Jennifer said...

If DeAnna the bachelorette was pregers what would she name her kid? I'm going with Snowflake Bahama (Since they got engaged in the Bahamas and Jessie is a snowboarder)

Kristen said...

Thank goodness I was wrong about “Sunday Rose Urban Kidman.” I should have checked my sources! Glad that Keith’s surname is being used properly!

I think your predictions for the new Angelina and Brad super-offspring are grand! I can’t resist joining in the fun.

For the new wonder-twins, I suggest:

Axelle Dove Jolie-Pitt

(Axelle: French, “of peace”; Dove: French, “bird of peace”)

Aquene Chamomile Jolie-Pitt

(Aquene: Native American, “peace”; Chamomile: American, “peaceful”)

And for Baby Girl Wentz:

Linaeve Jazz Simpson-Wentz

(Linaeve: Native American, “song tree”)

And if it’s a boy …

Jett Jaron Simpson-Wentz

(Jett: “dark”; Jaron: “song”)

We should go into the baby-naming business!!


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