July 24, 2008

What's that you say??

Many of you may not have been exposed to the sheer kinetic joy of graduate school ballet class and the accompanying addiction to the movie Center Stage, as my lovely friend Kristen and I were.

If not, you may not have been infected with delightful but relentless ear candy that is Jamiroquai's song. I'm not going to give you the title quite yet, because I want you to watch this clip with an open mind.

You've got what in your heels, Jamiroquai?? (Listen for yourself by skipping ahead to 6:40. Better yet, enjoy the whole performance but listen carefully towards the end.)

Center Stage - Final Dance Scene

So these gorgeous, talented and exuberant young dancers are expressing themselves onstage in a piece that represents the culmination of their rigorous years of training. The song suits the scene perfectly, and it's an iTunes favorite when I'm on the treadmill. (Or trying to get motivated to drive to the gym.)

In the years since I first bought a ticket to see this gem on the silver screen - the better part of decade for those who are counting - I have been singing the song with the wrong lyrics!

Last week this song was featured on my all-time favorite reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, which lists song titles and artists on-screen at the start of each routine. I was shocked to determine that Jamiroquai does not, as I had so long believed, have candy in his heels.
What does he have? Canned heat.

Every time I listen to it now, it becomes clearer and clearer. But for those ten thousand Center Stage viewings of old, I was singing the wrong words with more enthusiasm than I could muster for just about any movie or song these days. Kind of embarassing to think about.

Add in the leotards and tights we wore and the jelly beans we snacked on, and my co-ballet felon (thus named because we were known to skip class to watch this movie) Kristen and I were probably quite a sight. I still love us, though.

(Let me digress to say that I've got to find the pictures of us teaching Bradley the proper first, second and third positions at a cook-out in Columbia. The boy has awful turn-out, let me tell you - and I'm one to talk.)

I've heard examples of the "classic" misheard lyrics like there's a "bathroom on the right" instead of "bad moon on the rise" but I'm interested to see if y'all have any similarly embarassing slips you'd like to share.

The more public, the better - I just admitted that we wore black leotards and pink tights over the age of 21, y'all. (And I think even 8 is pushing the cute factor on that particular ensemble...)

Happy Thursday!


Traci Theodore said...

Does sound like "candy"...especially the first time he says it. I say both make sense.
I am usually very good at hearing lyrics too...except when I thought that in "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin it was "Windsheild wipers, Terpintine..." instead of "slappin' time" (which actually makes sense)
and another one is a Doobie Brothers song aptly called "China Grove" named for the bands hometown...whose title and lyrics I thought were "China Doll"...which makes no sense in context. Want to hear some funny mishaps though, listen to my husband, who almost always fouls it up ;-)

Kristen said...

I TOTALLY have your back on this one, as I too thought he had "candy" in his heels. Maybe I was subconsciously trying to convince myself that everyone preps for a dance performance by eating an insane amount of jelly beans. In any case, thank you for cluing me in to the right lyrics (and for the wonderful trip down memory lane)!

For a long time, I thought that in Tim McGraw’s song “Back When,” he sang of the days when a “hole was a hole.” I finally asked Charles what could possibly be different about a hole? He informed me that Tim was wishing for the days when “a hoe was a hoe.” That makes a LOT more sense.

I am going to go put on my ballet shoes now.

Unknown said...

Who needs work when you can watch 10 minutes of only the best movie in the entire world?


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