July 9, 2008

Thank you, Mr. Postman

I thought yesterday was a great mail day - and we all know how much I love mail. Seriously, it makes my life. Started in college, has grown into an obsession. I have to believe that's where my stationery and correspondence addiction is rooted: I send everyone cards for any conceivable number of reasons, all because I know how fabulous it feels to have something tumble out of the mailbox besides a bill.

Opening today's mailbox was like hitting the jackpot - and doing it all while on the phone with my adorable Erin after many missed calls was even better!

Contents of Anne's mailbox:
-Oprah magazine
-Charleston magazine
-Town and Country magazine
-Themis (What publication operates under such a trendy title? That would be Zeta's national magazine. ZLAM it up!)
-Nordstrom's sale catalog
-eBay package

Yesterday's adorable party invitation and love note from a friend pale in comparison to the fifteen pounds of pure love I carted up the driveway. Sigh. You know it's been a long week when it's only Wednesday and this is what thrills you!

Enough chatting - I'm off to write a thank you note.

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