June 11, 2008

Slip of the tongue

Our office is putting together a Wii-mbledon competition tomorrow, so the joyous squeals and digitized tunes of the game have been drifting to my cube all day during "practice rounds." That's the context of the following:

Me: (Spoken classily over cube walls.) Wii is going to be the downfall of this agency.

Coworkers: (Stunned silence.)

Me: (Confusion. Do they not hear the obsessed game players? Pause for a deep thought.)

Coworkers: (More puzzled silence from the PR department as they mentally question my self-esteem, competency and basic grammar knowledge.)

Me: (Light bulb!) Oh no, not WE. We are not going to be the downfall of this agency. Clearly, I think we're pretty awesome. Oh never mind - y'all practice away.

This reminds me of my "two ears" flub in grad school - a story for tonight. Unless Kristen gets to comment before I return.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Hot peppermint tea just went up my nose reading this post!

If I was half the eloquent storyteller you are, I'd attempt to finish this ... but you're on a roll, Blogger Babe!


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