June 11, 2008

Pulling an Anne

After my last (wahoo!) shift at the Junior League's Nearly New Shop Saturday, I got home to find a seriously amused Bradley just itching to tell me something. (You can imagine how rare this is.) What could have tickled him so? He'd just "pulled an Anne." Turns out he turned on the faucet, walked away to do something else and momentarily forgot. (His story didn't end with flooding the house as my own experience did last year, but that's a tale for another day. If you haven't heard it already!)

The idea of pulling an Anne piqued my curiosity. What do I do often enough, or with enough gusto, that it could be considered a signature quality?

If I had to guess, I'd imagine that people would use the phrase "pulling an Anne" to mean:
-running into a stationary object
-overlooking something obvious
-having a "boulder" moment
-sharing information learned only through Facebook
-sporting pink shoes
-shopping online excessively
-craving spaghetti more than any woman (outside of Italy) ever should
-packing a spare outfit in the car just in case (it rains, you're overdressed, etc.)

I think it'd be a lot more flattering, and therefore pleasant to hear, if pulling an Anne indicated that you'd just done something wonderful. Something I fancy myself, on my better days, to be pretty darn good at.

I'd like it to mean:
-sending an unsolicited but sweet note that makes someone's day
-telling a wildly funny story
-maintaining composure when the world is all but on fire
-rocking Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit or a crossword puzzle hardcore
-finding the good in a less-than-fabulous situation
-swooping in to save the day with a meal, a shoulder, a prayer, a smile, a ridiculous anecdote
-saying just the right thing in a difficult moment

(To be fair, I "pulled a Bradley" on my husband the very next day. If he's in the middle of something at work when I call, he'll open his phone and let me hang tight for a moment or two until he can talk. Bradley got to hear 30 seconds of a titillating work conversation before I was able to put the cell phone to my ear...lucky guy.)

How would you define "pulling a you" - or how would you like it to be defined?

I'll give a few examples later from many of your own signature moves...that list is in development.

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