June 5, 2008

Photo Voices

I use a lot of words. Regularly. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that I can't fully experience something or understand it until I've shared it with someone else. (We'll save the "power to name is the power to know" communications theory discussion for another day...)

One segment of our community whose voices I've never really heard is the homeless population. My dad sent me the link to his foundation's blog for a little more insight into Columbia's Photo Voices project. I love the idea and wish we could emulate it here in the Upstate. Take a look - I'd love your thoughts!


On a separate note, I read once that Midlands leaders were discussing the idea of each church or charity in the city sponsoring a single homeless person or family. I imagine that would have a real impact, particularly since I've learned recently (through the above-linked blog) that homelessness is typically a temporary state for families. It feels like we always imagine that homelessness is a permanent situation for people - perhaps that's why everyone seems to powerless to change things.

If understanding is the first step, this Photo Voices project should surely get us a lot closer.

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