April 23, 2008

Great show go by their acronyms: SATC & GG

1. What do you think about the new Sex and the City movie theme song done by Fergie. Go to Perez Hilton's blog and take a listen. (Or just click the link below.) Would we really say that "Labels or Love" embodies what the girls are about?

SATC Movie Theme by Fergie

2. Gossip Girl watchers, unite! Click the link below for an New York magazine article that hopes to become "support group for the fully grown, employed, non-pervert adult fans of the show. "

How "Gossip Girl" is Changing the Way We Watch Television


Unknown said...

I think my ear drums started bleeding when i listened to that song.

Traci Theodore said...

Ummmm....I let that song play for all of 6 seconds, seriously. I am sparing my ears, brain, and life.


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