April 23, 2008

Little Miss Obsessive

Total addictions:
1. Burt's Bees lip balm
2. Kiehl's lip balm in the tub (notice a trend?)
3. Crystal Light to-go packets
4. Diet Cherry Coke
5. graham crackers with peanut butter
6. Lost, Grey's Anatomy
7. JCrew.com, Facebook.com, Sephora.com

Partial addictions:
1. Diet Coke at 10 am on workdays
2. The Bachelor, Gossip Girl
3. Dave Matthews Band (Those who knew me in the late 9os would agree! I think my daily Dave quote emails were the predecessor to this fabulous contraption. They were the blogs of the late 9os and early millennium years, complete with shout-outs, comments and special requests.)
4. GoFugYourself.com, PerezHilton.com, IHateGreenBeans.com, home of the best Bachelor recaps ever.

Proud to have recovered from:
1. Vera Bradley
2. PopTarts, the college girl's breakfast of champions
3. Target
4. The urge to monogram anything that will sit still long enough. (Another version of this was tiger paws or sorority letters on everything.)
5. Laguna Beach, Newlyweds and Ashlee Simpson's show (remember?)
6. Having no wardrobe outside of dresses and sorority party t-shirts with jeans. Now, don't you judge me! You did this too!
7. EBay (the buying, not selling - I still do that)

Up and coming addictions:
1. Singing in traffic. Worry not - the windows are up, folks. I am nothing if not a philanthropist.
2. Samantha Who on ABC - The writer's strike hit me hard and I had to look far and wide for new entertainment options. What's that you say? Books? Ahh, I love books. But Samantha Who only takes 22 minutes of my (and my DVR's) time. Nothing like a quick fix!
3. I'm sure all of you can point out a few others I may be overlooking!

Never did have:
1. Singing in the shower
2. Any kind of video-game anything. Wii, XBox, Playstation, Atari, what-have-you.
3. Slogan t-shirts (Blondes have more fun, everyone loves an Irish girl, etc.)
4. Uggs (Whew.)
5. YouTube

What about y'all?

P.S. Did anyone get the Ashlee reference in the title? Who's purchased the album? Thoughts?


Kristen said...

Here are my past, present and future addictions/obsessions!

Total addictions:
1. Hot peppermint tea
2. Jurlique sunscreen
3. Amy’s Organic
4. Facebook.com; Polyvore.com; TMZ.com
5. Magazines, especially Southern Accents, Coastal Living and People
6. Crème de la Mer
7. Larabars – serious problem.

Partial addictions:
1. The Hills
2. Crest Whitestrips
3. Sweet potatoes
4. Weddingbee.com (even though I’m no longer planning). Hence, weddingbee.com has moved from “total addiction” to “partial addiction.” Over the coming months, I expect this to move into remission, and I’ll be “proud to have recovered" from weddingbee.com. :)

Up and coming addictions:
1. Jodi Piccoult
2. Breakfast at Whole Foods
3. Tory Burch
4. Organic Pinot Noir
5. The Toyota Prius
6. Gardening

Proud to have recovered from:
1. Tanorexia
2. Sex and the City
3. Hot Rollers
4. AOL Instant Messenger
5. Wendy’s, Waffle House
6. Webshots.com

Never did have:
1. Lost
2. Harry Potter
3. Red Bull
4. Any kind of video-game anything. Wii, XBox, Playstation, Atari, what-have-you. (I second Anne on this and AMEN for that!)

Traci Theodore said...

Here are my past, present and future addictions/obsessions!

Total addictions:
1.Bubble Baths
2. Swimming/lounging in water
3. green...the color, not the "going green"...that's way to Now for me
4.planning other people's weddings
5. writing in calligraphy
6. gummi bears
7. fruit
8. mimosas
9. snuggling
10. girls nights of any kind

Partial addictions:
1. exercising
2. doing easy yard work (ie:watering)
3. gmail
..eeehhhh...I'm not really a partial addict. I think the word addict leads to a more all of nothing kind of thing, actually only all.

Up and coming addictions:
1. Babies
2. grilling (I've recently taken this up from Matt)
3.itunes...now its mostly CD transfers
4. iced coffees
5. Yellow, navy blue, preppy green

Proud to have recovered from:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. soaking up the sun aimlessly, however not when outside with a purpose, like playing a game, lawn stuff, etc.
3. the idea that pretty girls have long hair...this was a long ago recovery, but I totally love short hair
4. buying name brands only (also recoverd from long ago)
5. doing shots...not that it happened that often, but seriously, why should you not take the time to actually taste and enjoy your drink?

Never did have:
1. a pair of jeans that I actually PAID more than $60 for, however do OWN some sevens (for all mankind, not the cheezy sevens)
3. I'm going to have to agree with the video game thing
4. a brand new car
5. another college boyfriend besides Matt

Fisher Family said...

Here's mine!!

Total Addictions-

1. My pup, Tucker (and breed-shopping for puppy #2)
2. Barnes & Noble
3. Comfy hotel beds (I'm a white comforter snob!)
4. Diet Mountain Dew
5. The Office
6. My blackberry - especially mobile Facebook!
7. White pants (finally!)

Partial addictions:
1. Singing to rediscovered CDs (especially those blank "random mix" ones from college days!)
2. Baking (and eating!) cookies
3. Skymiles
4. Jason Castro
5. Pottery Barn & furniture shopping

Up & Coming addictions:
1. Home decorating magazines! (and begging help from my artistic friends)
2. Babies... totally agree
3. Buying cute flats (to add to my 'cute heels' collection)
4. Running (I am determined to make this an up & coming addiction!!!!)
5. Dinner parties

Proud to Have Recovered From:
1. Daily hair straightening
2. All-nighters
3. Missing those wild college days
4. Reading fantasy novels (except Harry Potter - still like those!)
5. The idea that moving far away would be fun...

Never did have:
1. Capri pants...
2. Spa treatments, massages, etc.
3. J. Crew (sorry , Anne - not petite friendly!)
4. Coupon cutting
5. Coffee or Sweet Tea

Not an addiction but I actually DO like video games!

Erin said...

My past, present and future addictions:

Total addictions:
1. Whole Foods- their food is AMAZING- expensive, but amazing. Buying stuff there makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself and the earth
2. Bobbi Brown Makeup- it makes me feel great!
3. Red Wine (Pinot Noir or Malbec)
4. Heels (I am a really big 'flats' girl, but being short, I really need the height)
5. A good book
6. Fresh Salsa and chips
7. Kate Spade (not that I can afford it, but I love to look at it)
8. Listening to it rain as I fall asleep

Partial Addictions:
1. Diet Coke
2. Crystal Light Peach Tea and Fruit Punch (yes, it does taste like Kool-Aid and dyes your mouth, but really who cares?)
3. Corn on the Cob
4. Anne's new blog (I will soon be placing this on my total addiction list)
5. My dog Harper

Up and coming addictions:
2. Atlanta and living there!
3. My Planner (I cannot do anything without it)
4. My new House
5. Gardening

Proud to have recovered from:
1. The side ponytail
2. Mountain Dew
3. Roasting in the sun
4. College sorority tees
5. Momogramming (Anne I laughed out loud at your comment regarding this- you are right on the money my friend)
6. Vera Bradley
7. CK One perfume
8. Instant Messenger
9. Ace of Base (come on, you know that you all loved 'The Sign')
10. McDonalds french fries

Never Did Have:
1. Lost or Survivor addiction
2. Any Soap Opera addiction
3. Rap music
4. Sweet tea
5. Addiction to working out (this is still like pulling teeth for me :()


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